Contractors Insurance Solutions, Inc. Offers Surety Bonds for Contractors In Los Angeles

April 23, 2019
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Contractors Insurance Solutions, Inc. is pleased to inform the public that they are able to help supply contractors with the most competitive prices for all their bond and insurance needs. The company is owned and managed by a licensed contractor, so they are fully aware of the needs of their clients and how the construction world works.

Due to this, Contractors Insurance Solutions, Inc. understands the importance of doing extensive research before picking a bond company to supply any kind of bond or insurance. To speed up the process for their clients, the bond and insurance company does the necessary research for them. Working with a variety of surety bond companies in California, Contractors Insurance Solutions, Inc. is able to help their Los Angeles and Southern California-based clients buy contractor surety bond in Los Angeles for the lowest and most competitive rates.

All contractors located in California know that surety bonds are required by the state in order for them to complete the necessary licensing processes. A surety bond, also known as a contractor’s license bond, is a sum of money that is promised by the contractor to their client if they fail to finish a construction job or otherwise break the terms of their contract. It is put in place in order to protect the client if their contractor takes any actions that result in the client being financially burdened.

The contractor is in charge of purchasing a surety bond that will cover the size of their project. The total cost of the project determines how large of surety bond a contractor will have to buy, since the bond is typically worth 10% of a particular job. Contractors Insurance Solutions, Inc. understands that surety bond rates can range anywhere from 0.5% to 5%, so the company works with a variety of bond companies to ensure that they get their clients the lowest rates.

Getting the best rate isn’t the only thing that contractors have to worry about when securing their bonds. Contractors Insurance Solutions, Inc. has developed an extremely fast process in order to get their clients the surety bond they need as soon as possible. Since many contractors are required to have a surety bond before they bid on a project, many clients come to Contractors Insurance Solutions, Inc. with very small timeframes.

The company also helps clients who are new to the contracting world, and are unsure how the surety bond process works. As these bonds come with a lot of paperwork and supporting documents that have to be submitted to the correct state licensing boards, Contractors Insurance Solutions, Inc. submits their client’s bond documents to the California Contractors State License Board for them at no extra cost. The company also helps their clients fill out their workers compensation exempt form when they buy their surety bond.

When it comes to construction liability insurance in Los Angeles, Contractors Insurance Solutions, Inc. is an expert. The company understands how important liability insurance is for any contracting business; it gives contractors protection against any claims against them. In addition to this, liability insurance is not optional for most contracting jobs in California. Contractors who don’t have the insurance are not only unable to work on certain jobs, but they can’t even bid on them. Contractors Insurance Solutions, Inc. works quickly to secure adequate liability insurance for their clients so they can start working on their project in a timely manner.

For many contractors, this means a policy that allows between 1 to 3 million dollars of coverage. When an appropriate insurance policy is required in these situations, it is extremely important that contractors shop around for the best rates. Contractors Insurance Solutions, Inc. guarantees that they will find their clients the best coverage as well as the best rates. The company specializes in general liability insurance for general contractors and electric contractors, but works closely with all others types of contractors as well.

Contractors looking for surety bonds or construction liability insurance may contact Matt Rogers of Contractors Insurance Solutions, Inc. The company has the largest network of surety bond companies in California, so their clients can rest assured that they will find the best rate for surety bonds for contractors in Los Angeles. Contractors who have a short timeframe to buy bonds or liability insurance, or who are unsure where to start when submitting the correct documents to state boards, can learn more about the services offered by Contractors Insurance Solutions, Inc. on the company’s website.

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