Faith-Based Rehab in South Carolina Expanding

April 15, 2019
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A faith-based alcohol and drug rehab facility in Moncks Corner, South Carolina is expanding. The free program, called the Changed Lives Ministry, is a faith-based alcohol and drug rehabilitation program. It has different facilities for men and women, as well as different programs.

The men’s program is 10 weeks, while the women’s program is 13 weeks. The ministry is now doubling its capacity to serve men with a new facility. This will be able to serve 20 men at a time. It is expected to break ground in May. The new facility will have a living space for the men, as well as a chapel on site.

The facility has served people locally, across the nation, and even beyond. Changed Lives Ministry says they have a 58 percent success rate.

The women’s facility is called Hannah House and is located on another property. Right now it can only serve up to 8 people at a time, and so the program is a bit selective when it comes to their patients. The programs are funded through churches and other donors.

Jackie Blackmon, Changed Lives Ministry’s Board of Director, says he wants people to know that they are here to help. It is important for recovering individuals to realize that they are not alone in their struggle. Addiction can feel overwhelming most of the time, because of the various physical and emotional effects of the excessive amounts of drugs in the person’s system.

Blackmon says a lot of local people don’t even realize that the program exists. This can be problematic, as a lot of people are struggling with opioid addiction right now, as there is currently an opioid epidemic affecting the nation.

“Most people who suffer from drugs and alcohol, they’ve hit rock bottom when they come here but from day one they are taught that there are people here who love them and care about them and want the best for them,” he said. “We don’t just try to save lives here. We save souls.”

The men’s facility has been around for 15 years. Meanwhile, the women’s facility will have its one-year anniversary this month. Click the link to see Dallas's top rehab placement programs.

“To be free of charge is incredible. I went to a secular program 15 years ago for three weeks and it cost $18, 000,” Blackmon said. “I left there and I certainly wasn’t healed. They told me I was an addict and I’d always be an addict. We teach them here the love of Jesus Christ and hopefully, they accept Jesus Christ and realize they never have to say they’re an addict again.”

For many people, addiction also has a spiritual aspect to it. On top of the overwhelming effects of addiction that harm their mind and body, patients can also feel disconnected from their own spiritual side. Restoring a person’s faith in these difficult moments can help them find the inner strength to regain their sobriety.

Some of the people who’ve worked with the ministry have received help through the program—and that includes Blackmon. They say it is a full-circle moment to be able to help others in need of treatment.

“Some people come here from pressure from their families. If they don’t want it themselves, it won’t work. They’ve got to want it. We have a loving staff here.”

The expansion project will cost about a million dollars. Donors have provided about half the costs the ministry is currently fundraising.

If someone in the family is struggling with opioid addiction, it is important to seek help. A combination of medical detox and behavioral therapy can go a long way in the fight against drug abuse. But because every individual is affected by addiction differently, a comprehensive program tailored to their specific needs is necessary. Look for a nearby addiction treatment facility today and find out how drug treatment programs work.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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