Immediate Load Implants Now Offered By Dental Centre Martinko

April 15, 2019
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Implant Centre Martinko, a dental practice in Croatia, has announced the opening of their second office. The new dental practice is located in Trieste, Italy. In addition to the new office opening, the dental practice has also announced the launch of a new website.

Dr. Damir Martinko, dentist with the dental practice, states that the practice now also offers immediate load implants. Dr. Martinko says, “Traditional dental implants can take anywhere between three months to a full year to complete. This requires multiple visits to the dental office to ensure the proper completion of various elements. We offer immediate implant loading, which provides a number of benefits to the patient.”

Immediate load implants can shorten the time that it takes for the patient to receive a new tooth, and in many cases, it significantly reduces the number of dental visits that are required. Immediate implants are placed at the time that the natural tooth is removed. The procedure was first introduced in 1976 by Schulte and Heimke. Over the past few decades, there have been a number of studies done on this process and the benefits that it offers for patients.

“Immediate load implants mean that the patient will not go without a tooth in their socket,” says Dr. Martinko. “It involves placing a new tooth in the socket within just 48 hours or less of when the original tooth is extracted. There are different things that we look for to determine if patients are eligible for immediate placement, all of which can be discussed during the initial consultation.”

Dr. Martinko states that good success rates, between 97 percent and 100 percent, have been reported with this immediate placement process. A number of long term studies have been conducted on patients who received immediate load implants over the years and the success rates of longevity of the implant are also positive.

In cases where immediate placement is viable, patients enjoy a plethora of benefits over traditional implants. The time spent perfecting the implant process is significantly reduced, and patients are not required to undergo additional surgeries to place the implant. Traditional implant surgeries often included extraction of the tooth with another surgery to place the posts in the jawbone that would hold the implants and yet another visit to secure the implant.

With immediate load implants, all of these processes are done on the same day, which saves the patient time and helps to reduce the anxiety that many feel when visiting the dentist for any procedure. Dr. Martinko states that those who have questions about their eligibility or viability for immediate implants can visit the practice on their newly published website to gain more information.

He adds that immediate implant placement and loading can provide a great benefit for patients and that those who have teeth that are broken or missing can learn more about the process and these benefits by visiting the website.

Dr. Martinko and his team offer a number of dental procedures and treatments, including traditional and immediate implants. He states that his entire team is excited about their new office location in Trieste and their new website, which is filled with information for those who need any number of dental treatments or services.

Those who are interested can learn more about these relatively new implant options by visiting Dr. Martinko and his practice online. The website offers direct contact information for those who would like to call to schedule an appointment, as well as an online contact form that the patient can use to ask questions or to schedule their consultation.

Dr. Martinko has years of experience in his field and offers a full range of dental options to help patients to achieve healthier and more attractive smiles. Those interested can learn more on the dentist’s new website or schedule an appointment to speak with the dentist about their options. Detailed location information, including a map and driving directions can be found on the website.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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Implant Centre Martinko is a modern dental practice offering the best dental implantology services in Trieste, Italy. Our services are dental implants, mobile prostheses, dental veneers, crowns, and bridges, maxillary sinus lift, and more.

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