Implant Centre Martinko Opens New Trieste Office

April 15, 2019
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Implant Centre Martinko has announced the opening of a new office location in Trieste, Italy. The dental center originally had only one office in Croatia. Through their dental office, the implant center plans to offer dental implants for those in need in the area.

Dr. Damir Martinko, dentist with the center, says, “Dental implants have become very popular around the world. They offer a natural looking alternative to dentures and other tooth replacement needs, and we are proud to offer our patients these implants from our new Trieste office.”

Studies show that in the past 10 years, the main focus of the dental industry in general has been to develop new innovations that could help to improve oral health and the confidence that patients have with regards to their teeth and smiles. Computer aided design or CAD has been a major contributor to helping dental professionals to provide their patients with more natural looking smiles through the use of dental implants.

“Any damaged tooth should be repaired,” says Dr. Martinko. “This can be done by removing the tooth to preserve and protect the gums and nerves or by placing a crown or cap. Finally, the tooth could be removed and an implant put in its place. While crowns have been proven to be very effective in covering teeth and keeping them from looking damaged, when those teeth are beyond repair, implants can make a major difference in the confidence of the patient.”

Dr. Martinko says that missing a tooth is not something that many patients are prepared to deal with. He states that having a missing tooth, even where it seldom shows, can significantly lower the confidence of the patient. With dental implants however, those teeth are replaced and as opposed to traditional dentures, dental implants are not removable by the patient.

“They stay in place, which is great for younger patients,” says Dr. Martinko. “Even elderly patients feel more confident when they are eating or smiling when they have implants because the implant looks and feels just like a natural tooth.”

Dental implants involve manufactured teeth that are kept into place through metal roots that are placed into the gum area of the patient. The patient does not have to remove the teeth to clean them, as with dentures, but can brush them just like regular teeth. Dr. Martinko says that for patients with just one missing tooth, implants are a much better option than partial dentures or bridges. He adds that even those patients who have had all of their teeth removed due to injury or disease can opt for a full set of dental implants that will look and feel just like their original teeth.

Studies indicate that dental implant popularity is growing significantly more every year, as this dental procedure is being offered by more dentists and becoming more affordable for many patients. Many dentists feel that dental implants may soon replace traditional dentures altogether for a wide number of dental patients.

Dr. Martinko says that his office feels that patients deserve to be proud of their smiles. Missing or damaged teeth can make one feel self-confident and afraid to smile. Dr. Martinko states that anyone in the area of his new office who has a missing tooth or a damaged tooth or teeth can contact the office to schedule an appointment and discuss the option of using dental implants to replace those less than perfect teeth.

Those who are interested in learning more about the wide range of dental services that will be offered at this new location can visit the dental practice online. Contact information, including phone and email information can be found on the website for those who wish to schedule a new patient consultation. Dr. Martinko says that the new office is up and running and currently accepting new patients. Those who need a dental appointment can contact the company through their website or directly by phone to schedule.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About Implant Centre Martinko:

Implant Centre Martinko is a modern dental practice offering the best dental implantology services in Trieste, Italy. Our services are dental implants, mobile prostheses, dental veneers, crowns, and bridges, maxillary sinus lift, and more.

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