Gastro Center NJ Offers Colonoscopy Screenings

April 15, 2019
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Gastro Center NJ, in West Orange, New Jersey, recently took the time to remind those in the area that they currently offer screenings for colon cancer. The clinic states that they offer these screenings to help prevent colon cancer, or catch it before it gets out of hand. The clinic offers a number of other tests and endoscopic procedures, as well.

A representative for the clinic says, “Most people do not know just how common colon cancer is. Studies show that one out of every 19 men and one out of every 21 women will develop colon cancer in their lifetimes. This makes early screening critical.”

The clinic states that colonoscopies have gained a bad reputation by many, simply because patients feel that they are too uncomfortable to have done. The clinic states that having a colon checked is not a major ordeal, and adds that having the right team to do the colonoscopy makes it much easier.

“We just want our patients to be healthy,” says the representative for the center. “This means that we make everyone as comfortable as possible during their colonoscopy. Having a colonoscopy is crucial for anyone over the age of 45, and it’s time that everyone realizes that this is something that must be done every year in order to protect them from colon cancer.”

The center states that their website and their Facebook page, which can be seen at, offers an abundance of information for those who have never had a colonoscopy. Physicians recommend that anyone from their mid 40s on have their colon checked regularly to help to prevent the risk of colon cancer.

When found early, colon cancer can be treated and the treatment is typically 100 percent effective. Having a colonoscopy on a regular basis can also help to prevent the cancer from occurring and spreading, which raises the mortality rate for this type of cancer significantly.

“It takes less than half a day all together to have this procedure done,” says the representative for the testing center. “What is really sad is that this simple test could help someone to avoid getting cancer, but because people are afraid of colonoscopies, many will neglect to have them, and neglect to catch the cancer early, when the outlook for removing it is very high.”

The company states that anyone in the designated age group who has never had a colonoscopy should schedule on immediately. Not only can a colonoscopy detect early onset colon cancer, it can also help to diagnose a number of other issues including irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease, ulcerative colitis, celiac disease and a number of other digestive system disorders.

The company states that those who would like more information about the testing for colon cancer can visit them online at to learn more about the benefits of having this test done regularly. The representative adds that anyone over the age of 45 runs a higher risk of developing polyps or adenomas in the colon, which are precancerous growths that are normally harmless. When they are left untreated however, these growths run a high risk of turning into cancer. The company urges those who have not yet had a colonoscopy to schedule one soon.

Studies show that around half of all patients who undergo a colonoscopy are found to have polyps. These polyps can be removed endoscopically without surgery when they are found during the colonoscopy. Without this test however, those polyps would continue to grow and could eventually turn into cancer. The center states that those who notice certain symptoms like rectal bleeding, pain in the lower abdomen, cramping, incontinence, and various other symptoms should contact them to schedule their testing immediately, as these could be signs of a serious condition.

The clinic’s website offers more information about this test and how it can help to detect and prevent cancer. Those interested in scheduling an appointment will find contact information on the website, as well.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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