Manvel Company Launches Specialist Home Foundation Repair Services

April 15, 2019
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Manvel, TX based Manvel Foundation Repair Specialists, a locally owned company, recently launched a fully licensed and bonded foundation repair company, servicing Manvel Texas and surrounding areas. “We deliver high quality work at an affordable price, with a free inspection and estimate for your home. All our work is backed by guarantees,” stated Joe Springer, of the Manvel Foundation Repair Specialists.

Foundation damage is tricky to combat, not just because much of it is invisible or underground, but also because foundation issues are deceptive to those who do not have the requisite expertise. Some problems that look like catastrophic failures may in reality be little more than surface damage while still being functional. Others that don’t look like much to a homeowner might be the kind of problem a specialist would consider as requiring immediate attention. They have the experience, the tools, and the knowledge necessary to determine the exact condition of any foundation as it is, and how to get out in front of major problems before they turn into irredeemable failures. More importantly, the Manvel Foundation Repair Specialists know how to administer emergency solutions that resolve catastrophic issues as quickly as possible.

The Manvel Foundation Repair Specialists conveniently provides a free inspection and estimate for any remediation or work that new customers desire. They are experts in home foundation repair, including slab and pier and beam foundations. They also undertake projects that involve concrete raising, house lifting, mobile home leveling, draining installation, and retaining walls. “We are fully insured and bonded, and we give warranties for our work, so you know we will be there quickly when you need us,” said Springer.

In the Houston area, many homes have settled unevenly, which can cause serious structural problems throughout the building. The Manvel Foundation Repair Specialists provide foundation leveling services and foundation settlement solutions which are affordable and reasonable; solutions designed to reestablish a perfectly level property that will be strong and secure for years to come.

As a result of Hurricane Harvey flooding, the city council regulations changed the minimum level for new construction to be two feet above the 500-year storm projected water levels—expanding the floodplain regulations. More than 150,000 homes across Houston were flooded, and the city’s study concluded that if all of Houston’s homes had been compliant with the new rules, 84% of the homes which flooded during Harvey would have been spared. Flooding costs could range from upwards of $50k to hundreds of thousands, not including the value of homeowner’s peace of mind, emotional trauma, and health impacts.

Those buying their first home, or investing in property to rent to provide boarding home facilities for the first time, may be unaware that their property is directly influenced by the quality, strength, and condition of its foundation. Any damage or degradation to the structure’s foundation is going to seriously compromise how it looks as well as threaten the overall structural integrity of the property. This could prove very costly if it fails to meet building codes and, if it should flood, will impact their floodplain insurance in addition to losing valuables.

Throughout Manvel and the surrounding community, many homes and properties were built atop concrete slabs, tough and durable foundations designed to last without the expense and excavation a full foundation requires. Over time, these slab foundations have been affected by poor soil conditions, flooding and drainage issues, and a whole host of other natural and man-made problems which have destroyed slab foundations much more quickly than expected. The Manvel Foundation Repair Specialists have a proprietary slab repair solution service which includes settlement repair options, leveling options, and patching solutions (as well as accessory or ancillary pours to shore things up) to restore any slab foundation back to better-than-brand-new condition.

Another popular foundation, particularly for older homes throughout Houston, is based on pier and beam/block and base foundation methods. These require a regular inspection schedule as most need to be patched and repaired as they age and, unfortunately, some need quite a bit more work. Experts at the Manvel Foundation Repair Specialists can provide in-depth inspections, preventative maintenance solutions, and repair/restoration options specifically designed for this kind of residential foundation construction.

Customers interested in a 100% free, zero obligation, estimate/inspection service may contact Joe Springer of the Manvel Foundation Repair Specialists. The company is also active on various social media platforms.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About Manvel Foundation Repair Specialists:

Manvel Foundation Repair Specialists serves Manvel Texas and surrounding areas. We are a licensed and bonded foundation repair company. We provide several services, such as residential foundation repair, commercial foundation repair, and home leveling.

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