Newport News Homeowners Downsizing can Sell to Dependable Homebuyers

April 04, 2019
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Dependable Homebuyers has announced its intention to buy houses from homeowners who intend to downsize. Many families are downsizing for different reasons. Some people need to move to a smaller house as they do not require the excess space available at their current residence. Some homeowners want to capitalize on the value of their real estate asset. It is not uncommon for residents in Newport News to move from one place to another and they also consider downsizing at the same time. There are a few conventional challenges in selling pre-owned homes. These can be more complicated to manage when mortgage rates are stabilizing and buyers are looking for new homes for sale.

Newport News, Virginia based We Buy Houses company Dependable Homebuyers is now buying houses directly from those who want to downsize. The company has already been purchasing houses in every possible condition from owners. The real estate investment firm has bought houses with serious structural issues. It does not prioritize the aesthetic condition. The decision to buy is influenced by the fair assessment of the value of a property rather than its aesthetic or structural condition. Dependable Homebuyers is an investment company and also a property developer. It invests money into repairs and renovation so homeowners who want to sell do not have to be obligated or compelled to bear such expenses.

Those who want to downsize often do not have the most desirable property on the market. Gradual wearing and extensive weathering take a toll on any property. Living in a house for decades also has its impact. A pre-owned home can have various problems. It may need repainting, there can be issued related to the foundation, roof and plumbing systems, the basement may not be in its healthiest state, the doors and windows may be dated, some fixtures may be outdated and aesthetically the property may not be at all desirable. Ordinary homebuyers do not seek such properties. Realtors often find it impossible to market such properties, which is why they insist on repairs and renovation. Many realtors make home improvement mandatory for their representation.

Dependable Homebuyers is buying all such kinds of properties without any repair or renovation. Home improvement is not required. The proposition of the company to complete the sale in just seven days is also what homeowners need. Those who plan to downsize do not always have six months to wait. The traditional means of selling a house, especially pre-owned properties, is painstakingly long and tedious. It can take ninety days to a hundred and eighty days just to get a genuinely interested buyer. It may take longer than six months for the actual sale. Even when a buyer is truly interested, one needs four weeks or so to get the funding approved. Interested homeowners can read a recent press release they published at

Dependable Homebuyers is the investor and also the decisive authority for such sales. The company can have a purchase offer for sellers in twenty four to forty eight hours after the inspection. The sale can be completed in a week if the seller chooses to proceed. More of Dependable Homebuyers Newport News services can be found here.

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