Baton Rouge based Dependable Homebuyers Stirs Controversy with We Buy Houses Ad on Facebook

April 04, 2019
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Dependable Homebuyers has been buying houses in Baton Rouge and across the state of Louisiana for a few years now. The company has been steadily expanding its operations and growing popular. As more people get to know about Evan Roberts and his team, realtors are having a tough time. Dependable Homebuyers is the We Buy Houses company that does not go through realtors to acquire residential properties. With traditional players already trying to tackle the new game with great difficult and lagging, the new Facebook ad of Roberts did not go down well with realtors in Baton Rouge.

The new ad simply asked homeowners to fire their realtors. The message should not have created the kind of uproar that it has. The company has always been upfront with their policy of buying houses directly from owners and sellers. It has never concealed the fact that they do not rely on realtors and nor do they use any intermediary to acquire residential properties. Yet, the advertisement did call on the homeowners and property sellers across Baton Rouge to actually go ahead and fire realtors, apparently hinting that they are of no significance. Realtors from across the city and even beyond have come together to lambast Roberts and his company. A few did not assign any significance to the advertisement, stating that Roberts is a nominal player and has no bearing on the real estate industry at large. Others were not so kind and called him names.

Dependable Homebuyers has been slowly making its presence felt in the real estate scene of Baton Rouge. While it had a steady start, last year saw the company acquire a record number of properties. 2019 has also been a great start with the fastest ever first quarter growth for the company. Now that people are coming forth with their experiences and describing how they have been benefited by dealing with Roberts and his firm, realtors are feeling the jitters. Even property developers have spoken out against the practice of Evan Roberts.

On his part, Roberts acknowledges that his ad was meant to be bold but he does not have any qualms about the controversy. He considers his company to be the David in this battle. The Goliaths in the real estate industry have not changed much in the sector and sellers or owners still deal with a plethora of challenges. Most property owners are compelled to spend a lot of money to promote their houses for sale and then there are hefty commissions and closing costs. Roberts is simply doing away with all these hurdles and avoiding the futile processes. While realtors cannot guarantee a sale and certainly not assure a quick sale, Dependable Homebuyers has an unprecedentedly fast process. It can inspect houses they are interested in within forty eight hours and have the ability to close the sale in one week buying "as is" residential homes as stated in The company does not charge sellers anything and it is a direct cash offer, paid in entirety at the time of the sale. Know more about Dependable Homebuyers at

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Dependable Homebuyers is a local home buying company in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We buy houses in any condition and any situation. If you want to sell your house fast, give us a call at (225) 307-3324 and we’ll provide you a cash offer within 24 hours.

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