What Essential Oil Therapy Could Do For All Who Suffer From Hair Loss

April 15, 2019
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Many people around the world have begun turning to essential oils as an alternative to, or in addition to traditional treatment methods. This has seen essential oils being used to treat receding hairlines, and hair loss for both men and women. Utama Spice, a company that produces and distributes all natural products that treat a wide variety of conditions, wants to make people aware about how essential oils provide an alternative to traditional treatment methods for hair loss.

For decades, a full head of healthy hair has been associated with beauty and youth. Maintaining beautiful hair is often tied to maintaining one’s beauty, and having a full head of thick hair is considered a sign of good health and even success. Hair is the fastest growing natural tissue in the body. Each person is born with a set number of hair follicles, and hair grows from the base of each follicle at a rate of about one centimetre a month. The hair grows this way for about three years, after which the hair remains dormant for roughly 3 months before growing again. This goes on for the person’s whole life, barring any sort of medical condition that interrupts the cycle. The speed at which hair grows is affected by genetics, nutrition and hormones.

Hair loss is something a lot of people dread, especially with baldness affecting 70% of all men. The number of women who experience hair loss is slightly lower, but still notable at about 40%. This condition is known as androgenic alopecia, and the cause and severity of the condition is decided by genetic factors, although, other factors such as stress have been known to cause hair loss. More information on hair loss can be found at https://utamaspicebali.com/hair-loss-2/.

Essential oils are extracted from plants through distillation or evaporation. They are potent, aromatic, and have a number of uses beyond simply smelling nice. Some essential oils have been shown to improve the health of the hair, with different oils having different effects, from helping hair grow, to strengthening and improving its appearance. Lavender oil for example, can speed up hair growth. Researchers during an animal trial found that lavender oil helps mice grow hair faster, and has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, all of which can improve scalp health.

Horsetail plant, while it has not been proven to be effective by any studies, contains silica which is thought to improve hair growth speed, while also reducing dandruff. It can be applied topically with anecdotal evidence suggesting that it boosts circulation to the scalp and improves hair.

Rosemary oil is another essential oil with the ability to improve hair thickness and growth. Thanks to its ability to improve cellular generation, rosemary oil performed as well as minoxidil, a common hair growth treatment. Mixed with olive or coconut oil, rosemary oil helps improve hair.

There are many other oils that can help with hair growth and restoration, however, essential oils come with their own risks. While they are usually well-tolerated when diluted in a carrier oil, some people may experience allergic reactions, including itching, swelling and irritation. People who react adversely to any essential oil should wash the oil off with soap and water as soon as possible. Anyone experiencing problems breathing, dizziness and changes in consciousness should seek emergency medical treatment.

Other all natural solutions for hair loss include: eating nuts, legumes which provide protein, zinc and biotins which helps avoid brittle hair, dark leafy green which are a source of Vitamins A, and C which helps with the natural production of sebum. Carrots are also a good source of vitamin A, while yogurt contains calcium which helps keep hair strong.

Those with any questions about hair loss, and using essential oils to stop or slow the process can ask Utama Spice Bali on their Facebook page. More information can also be found on their website where they keep clients up to date with their latest news and announcements.

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