Cheaters And People Looking For Affairs Use These Apps

April 02, 2019
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With the progression of time, more and more opportunities become available for those in a relationship to try their hand at being unfaithful. It seems that starting an affair is easier than ever, especially in light of relatively recent technological advances. At least, that is what the website Ashley Madison suggests.

An affair does not have a technical definition or threshold for the minimum amount of contact before it counts. In fact, some people may even consider mild flirting as cheating. However, all affairs seem to stem from several of the same reasons. While falling into infidelity is frowned upon by society and Biblical texts, the newer generation of apps and smartphones makes it appear a more simple, streamlined, and structured endeavor. But first, it is important to understand why affairs can happen.

A person’s reasons for cheating often link to the fact that the relationship is growing boring, and settling into a predictable routine. A man may feel neglected, or as if he is lacking emotional support, as his wife begins focusing more on taking care of the children. For a wife, sometimes her husband may not be able to provide the emotional connection and support that she needs in order to feel happy and, often, she has the same unsatisfied desires that a man may feel. The National Opinion Research Center found that, “the number of women who admitted to extramarital affairs rose to 40% over the last 10 years, and that’s just from the women who admitted it.”

One possible way to hide an affair is to get a fake number app, and sometimes a partner may be driven to such a course of action due to feeling trapped in their current relationship. Discreet encounters may begin happening, made easier by the availability of technology meant to help conceal these meetings. In addition, many men or women who have affairs often have unhealed psychological trauma from their childhood or previous relationships. In these cases, it is important for them to look for help from a professional. Notably, both genders are more likely to cheat as they grow older, sometimes due to a midlife crisis.

Ashley Madison is a website which helps people find ways to have affairs quickly and discreetly. All a potential client needs to do is to fill out a profile, which asks for relationship status, location, zip code, date of birth, and ethnicity. Then it shows a number of potential lovers for them to pick from. It simplifies the process for anyone interested in such activities. However, this can be very difficult to keep up with without letting their significant other know.

The Dollar Digits app is one such company that can help clients conceal their wrongdoings. They recognize that, “everything you say, type, and even text is easy to save and track.” Unfortunately, “phones allow information to be shared, forwarded, and more without sender permissions.” However, Dollar Digits attempts to remedy this and take back control of privacy that seems to be vanishing as technology grows more advanced. This way, it is possible to keep a personal phone number safe and give a person a fake phone number instead. It can also lessen the possibility of identity theft, and restore the ability to have a truly private conversation through phone messages.

Furthermore, the app allows for safe communication and promises anonymity to all who use it, even allowing for app to app messaging. One more important feature, especially those involved in an affair, is the ability to make messages self destruct. As soon as the message is received, it is deleted on both ends and wiped from the phone so that friends and family will not be able to find anything if they snoop around. The app also includes protection against screenshots, so that people cannot have any real proof of a message that was sent. As a bonus, doctors and therapists benefit as well since this is a safe way for information to be sent.

The Dollar Digits app can be downloaded on the Google Play Store, and is a simple way to keep information safe in this technological environment. Creating a profile and getting started is an easy process. Those interested may contact Jack Lombardi of the Chicago Website Design SEO Company to learn more.

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