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Pediatric Dentist Receives Recognition For Laser Frenectomy Procedure In Austin

March 25, 2019
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Austin, TX based Green Apple Pediatric, Family Dentistry & Braces is pleased to announce that their very own Dr. Maria Evelina Guerrero has received recognition for her capability with the laser frenectomy procedure. Often performed on infants, children, and adults, the procedure involves the removal of the frenulum, a fold of tissue that prevents organs in the body from moving too far. The procedure can be performed with traditional surgical implements or with a carbon dioxide laser.

Green Apple Dentistry provides holistic dental services in Austin, devoted to giving children the healthiest smile possible while utilizing the safest holistic pediatric dental practices and care available. Dentistry is often considered separate from caring for the rest of the body, but holistic dentistry takes a different approach to dental care. Holistic dentistry takes into consideration the fact that oral health is connected to the health of the rest of one’s body, and in order to achieve the best possible results, it is necessary to treat the whole body when treating dental issues.

“In modern times, we have developed the attitude that dental problems aren’t health problems, when in fact they are,” says Green Apple. “Oral problems can be a sign of serious issues elsewhere in your body or, at the least, can lead to serious health issues. We believe that, when we’re treating your dental problems, we’re treating your whole body.”

It is the belief of the Austin pediatric dentist that a those in their line of work are a child’s first memory of a dentist, and thus it is the dentist’s duty to establish a solid foundation for good oral health as the child grows. Pediatric dentists act as role models, explaining the importance of good oral hygiene to ensure their patients grow up to practice good oral hygiene throughout their lifetimes. Holistic dentists train all their staff to be child friendly, and Green Apple’s staff in particular are taught to be hands-on with the children, aiming to keep their young patients relaxed and avoid any anxiety about future visits.

A holistic dentist, in comparison to most traditional dentists, will keep their schedule flexible, which allows them to deal with emergencies as needed. Green Apple’s dentists give free consultations on the first visit and accept a wide range of insurance plans. Holistic dentists in general make a commitment to care for each child till adulthood, with the goal of establishing a relationship based on familiarity and trust.

With regard to baby teeth, the clinic notes that, “Every day, we see children that present with decay on their primary (baby) teeth. Sometimes not just one, but multiple teeth are involved.” The clinic adds, “Sometimes the cavities are obvious and visible to the parents, and therefore the primary reason the parents made an appointment at our office. In other situations they are not, even to the doctor, especially if located in between the teeth with tight contacts. These such areas are only visible for inspection with radiographs. Sometimes, in families with multiple children in which the older children never had any cavities but now the younger ones have cavities, parents are perplexed at how this is possible.”

While they are temporary, primary teeth allow children to chew during the earliest years, and healthy primary teeth both create an aesthetically pleasing appearance and play an important role in speech. In addition to this, permanent tooth guidance is greatly affected by primary teeth. Premature loss of baby teeth may cause shifting and drifting of other teeth, increasing the chance for orthodontics.

A pediatric dentist, especially one who uses holistic practices, is of great importance to a child’s perspective on oral health. They can be the difference between a child growing up to have bad oral habits and fearing dentists, and the creation of healthy dental care and a healthy relationship with dentists. Green Apple works to ensure that they provide a comfortable environment for their young patients and guarantees that each child under their care will grow up with healthy dental habits.

Those interested in availing themselves of the clinic’s services may contact Dr. Evy Guerrero of Green Apple Pediatric, Family Dentistry & Braces. The clinic can also be found via their social media platforms.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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