Mr. Chem Dry Offers Tile Cleaning In Salt Lake City Utah

October 30, 2019
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Mr. Chem Dry, a carpet cleaning company, has announced that they are now offering tile cleaning Salt Lake City Utah customers can rely on to keep their tile floors and walls free from dirt and grime. The company states that they offer tile cleaning for a wide range of purposes, not the least of which is to remove dirt and grime that can make floors look dingy.

Dan Smith, a representative for the company says, “Lack of proper maintenance can lead tile floors and bathroom walls to look dirty, and that dirt can be difficult to remove. Not only can this dirt look bad, but it can also lead to all sorts of health problems if not addressed.”

Smith says that dirty tiles can trap dirt and other allergens that can make the surface unsightly. He states that the company is now offering tile cleaning that includes removing this dirt and grime with safe and effective methods.

“Homeowners can certainly buy chemicals or hire a service that uses harsh chemicals to clean their tile,” says Smith. “The problem with this is that these chemicals are really no safer than the allergens that are trapped in those tiles. Chemicals can be very dangerous for people and pets when used on flooring. That’s why we use steam cleaning to get tiles clean and to leave the surfaces perfectly safe for inhabitants.”

Smith says that the company’s tile cleaning services not only removes build up of dirt and allergens, but also polishes the tiles so that they look new again in most cases. He states that even older tiles can be made to look new again with the right cleaning process, which not only adds aesthetic appeal but can also help to increase the value of a home.

“People who are considering selling a home with tile floors or bathroom walls should seriously consider a professional cleaning of those tiles in order to raise the appeal and the value of that home,” says Smith.

He adds that the company can polish tile or stone to get them looking as good as new and to give them a fresher appearance without the dirt and grime that can build up on the tiles or in the grout between the tiles. Smith says that having tiles professionally cleaned also helps to protect them and give them a longer lifespan. The company offers a protective sealant that can be used after cleaning that will add even more longevity to the tiles and keep them safer from future stains and allergens.

Smith adds that while consumers can purchase various over the counter products to clean tiles and grout, many of these products do not work as well as they claim. He says that the expense of a professional tile cleaning should be considered as more of an investment. Homeowners who invest in professional tile cleaning give their homes a new and updated look without the cost of actually replacing the tiles, which Smith says has been the case with many homeowners who are unaware that professional tile cleaning exists.

Smith says that the main benefit of professional tile cleaning is to remove dirt and other allergens that could be unsafe for homeowners and their families. Bathroom floors and walls that have tile can grow mold and in many cases, homeowners can remove this mold themselves. Smith states that having tiles professionally cleaned removes this mold as well as the dirt and grime from everyday use.

The company states that those in the area who would like to learn more about their professional tile cleaning services can visit Mr. Chem-Dry on their official website. Information about tile and carpet cleaning, as well as direct contact information is available on the website for those who would like to call to schedule a cleaning.

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