Advanpro Calgary Announces Expanded Service In Airdrie

March 15, 2019
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Advanpro Calgary, has announced that they are expanding their services to the Airdrie area. The company provides repairs and service for heating and air conditioning units and states that they are excited to be expanding their services to this new area just in time for the upcoming frigid winter weather.

Rhys Evans, a representative for the company says, "We're extremely excited to provide Airdrie area homeowners with our furnace repair services. Call us anytime to schedule an appointment to inspect your furnace.” A complete list of the services offered by the company and their specific service areas can be seen at the Website.

Evans says that customers in the area who have not had their furnaces inspected before winter should contact them quickly to have an inspection done. He says that not having a furnace regularly serviced could lead to that unit not working properly and in light of the cold temperatures that the area sees during winter, having a properly functioning furnace is essential.

Average temperatures in Airdire during March each year can reach extremes of more than 19 degrees below zero at night and often during the daytime.Evans says that these temperatures are dangerously low and that having a working furnace is a must for homes because of how cold the area does get during these months. He says that any home or business that needs an inspection to ensure that their furnace will operate properly during the coldest of the winter months can contact the company and they will send out a qualified and experienced technician to inspect and if needed, repair or service the unit to get it into proper working order.

The company offers services to home and business owners throughout Calgary and now into Airdrie. Those interested can see more about the company and their credentials by visiting them online at their Website. Bies says that any strange noises coming from the unit or a scent of natural gas could mean an improperly functioning unit. He says that if and when these things are noticed, the home or business owner should contact a qualified furnace contractor immediately. Not only does an improperly working furnace mean that heat will not be readily available during the cold winter days and nights, but leaks and other issues could be dangerous for those inside the structure. Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that can be emitted through natural gas units. Evans states that anyone who noticed strange smells or noises in their homes that believe those strange issues are coming from their heating unit should contact the company immediately.

The furnace repair company states that they only hire the most qualified and experienced technicians and says that they offer emergency heating unit services. Those who notice that their units are not working during holidays, on weekends or in the middle of the night can contact the company and a technician will be dispatched to the location immediately.

Advanpro Furnace Cleaning has been providing heating and air conditioning unit repairs and services in Calgary Alberta for a number of years. Evans says that the company has the skills and experienced needed to get the job done right the first time and states that all technicians are properly educated and trained to provide the best in service in the area. He says that the company cares about all of the customers and wants to ensure that all units in the area are ready for the frigid cold that is expected this winter. Those who are interested in scheduling a repair or service, or home or business owners that simply want to have their units inspected to ensure that they are going to work properly this winter can contact the company directly or visit them online

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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