Transmission Repair Added To Service List At Meridian Idaho Shop

March 13, 2019
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Meridian Transmission Repair in Meridian, ID, a locally owned family operated business, has added Audi transmission repair to its list along with all the major makes and models of services offered. The company offers a variety of transmission repair services for most makes, models, and types of transmission. Their service area extends from Boise, throughout Idaho, and into Oregon, Utah, and Washington.

Joseph Derer, the spokesman for Meridian Transmission Repair, said, "We are excited to announce that we now offer Audi transmission repair Meridian Idaho residents can depend on. Our staff have been trained extensively in transmission repair and are eager to begin servicing Audi vehicles. We are glad to be able to expand our already lengthy list of service offerings, enabling us to establish new customers and strengthen our bond with our existing customers. Our values of trust, service, and reliability come through in every job we complete. We look forward to extending those values to our Audi driving customers."

Transmissions differ widely in size and type. The transmission in a semi-truck is very different than that found in a passenger car. Regardless, they serve the same basic function, which is to take the power generated in an engine and deliver it to the drive mechanism of a vehicle. The method of conversion and delivery can vary depending on the needs of the vehicle in which the transmission has been installed.

Passenger cars, such as those with the Audi brand, are often equipped with a manual or automatic transmission. A manual transmission requires the driver to utilize a clutch at a specific RPM range of an engine to advance to the next gear. An automatic transmission gauges speed and power needs and shifts between drive gears without intervention from the driver. Manual transmissions are typically less costly to manufacture and install and have, historically, offered better gas mileage. However, with advances in technology and the computerization of cars, automatic transmissions have become more precise, allowing for better gas mileage. Customers who want the best of both worlds can easily find vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission that offers a manual option, allowing the driver to shift with the push of a button or flip of a paddle.

Automatic transmissions have become the standard, with a few manufacturers offering the option of a manual transmission. Automatic transmissions come in many types, with the most popular being torque converter automatics and continuously variable transmissions. Technology in this area continues to develop to improve performance and driver satisfaction.

Torque converter automatics are the standard automatic transmission many have experience with. This transmission works without a clutch and acts as a torque converter, using a hydraulic fluid coupling to switch between gears. This type of transmission can be found in many makes of cars from economy to luxury.

Continuously variable transmissions (CVT) do not have gears nor do they physically shift between gears or plates. They use a system of belts or pulleys to deliver power to the drive wheels of a vehicle. This type of transmission allows drivers to run an engine at maximum RPM to extract maximum performance. CVT equipped vehicles increase speed without the noticeable pause or jerk found in other types of transmission.

Audi equips its cars with torque converter automatics, as do many other luxury vehicles. Their modern transmissions are light, responsive, and add to the driving experience. Historically, Audi transmissions have been rated as very reliable. However, the company highlights the importance of having the transmission maintained and serviced by a reliable and experienced technician. The manufacturer recommends referencing the service and repair section of the vehicle's manual to determine the transmission maintenance schedule.

Proper maintenance is the most important factor in transmission reliability. Servicing a transmission at a shop with little experience or with untrained technicians can result in shorter transmission life and an unreliable and uncomfortable driving experience. Transmissions are primarily maintained by checking the fluid regularly and replacing used fluid.

Transmission fluid is replaced in different ways, depending on the service provider and equipment. Manufacturers typically recommend a full flush service, in which the transmission is connected to a flushing machine specifically designed for that vehicle. The machine removes all of the old fluid and replaces it with new fluid. Other methods include dropping the transmission pan and draining out the fluid and replacing with new. However, this only removes and replaces about 25% of the fluid in the transmission, which is less than ideal.

Meridian Transmission Repair offers services on most types of transmissions from large trucks to small cars. They describe their shop as "a sensible alternative to high priced car dealerships and national chain transmission stores". Individuals seeking more information on transmission repair Meridian residents can rely on, are invited to contact the shop by phone or visit their web page.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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