Mike Marko Publishes Complete Guide to LinkedIn Marketing

March 13, 2019
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Mike Marko with IM Consultant Services in Cincinnati, Ohio, has published a new guide for business owners and professionals who are struggling with LinkedIn marketing. Serving as a complete guide for business owners to refer to, this new blog post answers common questions that most professionals have when figuring out how to do LinkedIn marketing.

"More than thousands of professionals use LinkedIn to market their business online every day," says Marko. "This comes as no surprise because LinkedIn is a platform made for users who are after career development and business networking. By now, most business owners should already be well aware of this if they want to make the most of their Internet marketing strategy. As long as a person knows how to use LinkedIn for marketing your business, he'll have no trouble finding other professionals in his field while building his brand image."

Marko also states in his new LinkedIn guide that LinkedIn has a different audience when compared to other social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Because of this, even Marko had to adjust his online marketing strategy to fit the LinkedIn platform. He also had to learn how to connect with both his audience and other like-minded business owners. This is why he saw the importance of creating a complete LinkedIn guide for other professionals to study.

To start his complete guide, Marko begins by providing his readers with more reasons as to why they should consider using LinkedIn for their business. During this part of his guide, Marko talks about how LinkedIn can easily boost the visibility of brands on the Web. He also talks about how LinkedIn marketing can increase website traffic and ultimately create more aggressive and effective promotional campaigns for a brand.

After talking about the benefits of LinkedIn marketing, Marko goes into detail about how business owners can start marketing their businesses on LinkedIn. According to him, the first step is creating a business page. He sees LinkedIn business pages as the first key to efficiently connecting with a business’s audience and other professionals. Marko also explains that a properly-made business profile is a must-have when doing LinkedIn marketing, because it’s what most of a brand’s target audience will check first when doing research on the business.

Marko talks more about how a business owner should create a business profile on LinkedIn. He lists the crucial steps that business owners should carefully think about when creating their business profiles. He also points out the important details that many business owners often forget to include in their profiles on LinkedIn. These details often make the difference between a compelling profile and a forgettable one.

Marko also talks about how business owners can efficiently create a LinkedIn marketing strategy. During this part, he talks about the advertisement options available for business owners on the platform. Marko also talks about simple and free marketing strategies that even small businesses can start with on LinkedIn. These include exerting effort to find connections on LinkedIn and using company employees to put LinkedIn marketing plans in action. Marko also makes sure to talk about the importance of producing high-quality and engaging content in order to showcase knowledge in a business field while also promoting what the business can offer.

Lastly, Marko talks about using LinkedIn Analytics to keep improving the quality of a LinkedIn marketing strategy. With LinkedIn Analytics, Marko tells his readers that they can figure out how to make better content for their followers. Marko also talks about the different types of LinkedIn Analytics that business owners can use, while also explaining each of them.

"Whether it’s to increase sales or even just to grow a business network, LinkedIn is the social media platform that all business owners need to try out," says Marko in conclusion. He believes that his new guide contains all the essential points that every business owner needs to get started with LinkedIn marketing.

Marko is also eager to help out business owners in need of additional help with marketing. In fact, Marko and his team at IM Consultant Services can provide services from planning marketing strategies to running advertisement campaigns for products, services, and events. Other than that, Marko and his team can also help create content or improve the content that business owners post. They can even create a website for clients or improve the ones clients already have.

For those who want to try his services, Marko also offers free consultations that can last for 30-60 minutes. With this free consultation, Marko can provide helpful tips to improve an online marketing strategy. Clients can also count on getting possible solutions for problems that their businesses might be currently facing after Marko has analyzed their unique situations.

As for professionals who aren't inclined to contact him just yet, Marko assures his readers that he still has a lot of blogs on his website that can help guide business owners and solve their common problems. Since his website revolves around helping other businesses, his online content can present a lot of guidance that a business might need. His contact details are on his website as well.

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