Mike Marko Publishes New Blog About Why Twitter Is Good for Business

March 13, 2019
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Mike Marko with IM Consultant Services in Cincinnati, Ohio, has published a new blog post that answers the question of why Twitter is good for business. As a business owner, Marko knows how important it is for every professional to find the best social media platform for their business. Marko also knows that Twitter is one of the leading social media platforms used by business owners nowadays. With that in mind, he has made a blog post talking about why business owners should consider using Twitter for business.

In his new blog post, Marko informs his readers that Twitter has more than 200 million active users worldwide. This makes Twitter a social media giant that shouldn't be ignored by business owners, especially those who want to create an online presence. He uses this blog to talk about what Twitter has to offer for business owners who are ready to be heard online.

"Ever since social media giants like Twitter and Facebook became popular, a lot of opportunities become open for business owners looking for a way to get people to notice their brands," says Marko. "Now, there's a large possibility of finding potential customers through the Internet. Twitter is just one of them, albeit a very important one. It’s perfect for business owners who are trying to reach out to their target audience."

To start off, Marko immediately talks about how Twitter can easily connect business owners to their consumers. According to him, this is especially helpful to small businesses that are struggling with finding consumers to increase their sales. With Twitter's large number of active users, the platform can offer businesses plenty of opportunities to gather more followers. Marko also adds that Twitter can help you connect with existing followers.

Another one of the advantages of Twitter for business is its ability to build B2B relationships. In the blog, Marko talks about how Twitter helps businesses to talk to other businesses and build relationships with them. They can also share business tips among themselves in order to further solidify their connections.

Marko's next Twitter for business insight is concerned with increasing business sales. As he mentions early on in his blog, small businesses can count on Twitter to increase their sales. According to him, this is because businessescan easily announce deals and discounts to their followers on Twitter. These announcements can attract more people to buy products or hire services. Marko also states that Twitter makes it easier for business announcements to circulate because users can simply retweet content.

While on the subject of circulating content through retweets, Marko also talks about how Twitter can give businesses more exposure. According to him, this is because Twitter was reported as the most effective social media platform when it comes to generating new leads. He also goes into detail about how creating specific Twitter lists and Twitter chats can help businesses organize their exposure campaigns on Twitter.

While one also works on exposure, Twitter also helps businesses manage their online reputation. Marko talks about this because it's easy to find out what an audience has to say about a business. According to him, businesses owners can find tweets about their business and use the feedback that they find in order to improve their brand.

Since Marko talks about how easy it is to find tweets about one's own business, he also talks about how one can regularly check up on their competitors. By doing so, Marko says that one can learn from competitors’ achievements and mistakes.

Lastly, Marko talks about how Twitter can effectively promote a business and even the company blog. Because of how easy it is to spread content in a micro-blogging site like Twitter, businesses can easily share content from their own websites. Content that they post can even go viral within a day, which in turn can help them reach a larger audience. Marko even talks about advertising tools that Twitter offers if one needs an advertising boost.

"Although Twitter provides businesses with the option to pay for promotions, Twitter excels in free advertising because of how the platform works," says Marko. "This micro-blogging site can easily get people talking about your business within days if you know how to ride its tides."

Besides offering social media marketing guides like his new blog post, Marko and his team at IM Consultant Services can still offer more help for businesses who want to continuously grow. The help that Marko and his team can provide ranges from more blogs to actual consultations that can last for 30-60 minutes. Marko's team even has graphic designers and web designers if businesses owners need help with creating visual content or just need a few tweaks over at their own website.

With that in mind, Marko invites his readers to continuously visit his blog for more tips that every business owner should know. He believes that his blog posts might just be what a business needs to learn about, even if one don't realize it yet. And for those who think blogs aren't enough to help a business grow, Marko reassures his audience that they are just a few clicks away from contacting him via his website.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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