Honolulu Plastic Surgery Center Available For All Breast Augmentation Needs In Honolulu

March 14, 2019
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Hawaii based Honolulu Plastic Surgery is, “Ready to give you a Mommy Makeover,” announced Randy Wong of Honolulu Plastic Surgery Centre. Based in Honolulu, Hawaii, the center is a plastic surgery clinic that specializes in restoring women’s bodies to a more youthful appearance, especially after childbirth.

“Having a child can be a beautiful and amazing experience,” said Honolulu Plastic Surgery. “However, it can be a traumatic experience for your body. Trying to get your old body back may not be achievable, even with exercise and a proper diet. In that case, you may need to see Dr. Randy Wong.”

A number of processes are used to reverse the appearance of aging and the stress childbirth puts on a body. One of these procedures involves a tummy tuck to remove the excess skin left behind from the rapid expansion caused by pregnancy and the rapid deflation caused by childbirth. Dr. Wong also performs Liposuction to remove fat where it accumulates, among other procedures.

The Honolulu Plastic Surgery Center also performs breast augmentation. During pregnancy and the following months, a woman’s breasts rapidly inflate to provide milk for the infant. Once this is no longer necessary, the breasts deflate, leaving behind loose, saggy skin. Sometimes, the fat tissue swells in different locations, leaving behind uneven breasts. Dr. Wong offers women a way to fix these problems, working to create customized solutions for each individual client to reshape and resize the breast tissue in an aesthetically pleasing and non-invasive way.

Breast augmentation would, in the past, have required a much longer recovery period than current procedures. However, Dr. Wong’s clients are often back to their normal lives in a surprisingly short space of time. “This augmentation can truly change your life, reduce feelings of depression, make your dreams a reality,” said Honolulu Plastic Surgery. For more information on breast augmentation and the other procedures offered by Dr. Wong, visit breast augmentation Honolulu.

Dr. Randy Wong is considered one of the leading plastic surgeons in the city, having been ranked among the best doctors in Honolulu in two different categories, plastic and hand surgery. His work has helped a number of clients fix their imperfections and achieve a sense of confidence and self-esteem. Dr. Wong prides himself on using the most advanced, up to date techniques.

“These days, people are looking for procedures that have very little down time and limited scarring,” said Honolulu Plastic Surgery Center. “Depending on the procedures that you want to have done, such as a tummy tuck or liposuction, these newer techniques that are used by Dr. Wong can help reduce the scarring and pain that you have afterwards. Having plastic surgery has become part of the culture, which means that people have far higher standards than ever before.”

Dr. Wong learned the reconstructive skills he uses in his day-to-day work from some of the most renowned surgeons in the world. The delicate tissue found in the human body requires a similarly delicate touch, and Dr. Wong performs each surgery with the highest amount of forethought and planning possible to avoid errors and prevent scarring. In addition to his skill as a surgeon, Dr. Wong puts the Aikido breathing techniques he learned in medical school into practice while working, allowing him to focus completely on each surgery and put all his energy into whatever procedure he is performing.

The doctor’s work has attracted a number of positive reviews over the years. One pleased client stated, “Dr. Wong is amazing. Kind, patient, and compassionate. Dr Wong is truly the first plastic surgeon I’ve met with absolute integrity; he strives to do what is best for the patient on all levels. The entire office is so ‘real,’ versus ‘plastic.’ His unique surgical techniques are a step above the rest. Post surgery, I had such little pain, I only needed regular Tylenol for a few days. Highly, highly recommend!”

Dr. Wong and his team provide some of the most highly regarded plastic surgery services in Honolulu. His years of experience, combined with his natural skill make him one of the most highly sought out surgeons in Honolulu and the world. For more information on the Honolulu Plastic Surgery center, visit http://honoluluplasticsurgerycenter.com/.

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Honolulu Plastic Surgery Center can change your life. Dr. Wong is one of the leading plastic surgeons in Honolulu and is ranked among the best doctors in two different categories, hand surgery and plastic surgery.

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