Car Wreck Doctor Publishes Overlooked Remedies For Low Back Pain After An Accident

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Atlanta, Georgia -

Atlanta, GA based The Car Wreck Doctor is delighted to announce that their latest article highlighting six at-home remedies to relieve back pain has become extremely popular with readers. In celebration, the company is offering a Free Accident Injury Consultation. “Half of all working Americans report having back pain each year. For those who have been in an accident, it might be overlooked and cause on-going issues,” said a company representative.

The article outlines six different options, which can all be done from the comfort and warmth at home, to combat back pain when it occurs, as well as help prevent it. Some of the options may seem a little controversial, like releasing endorphins—which block the pain signals from registering in the brain—through undertaking aerobic exercise, massage therapy, or meditation. Many people don’t believe these would work, but the Car Wreck Doctor is available to answer any questions. Those interested may read the full post to find out more and book a free accident injury consultation.

Car Wreck Doctor has also published another article detailing seven delayed injury symptoms to be aware of following a car accident, conveniently linked to an article on six overlooked remedies for such issues. Some of these symptoms may go unremarked for months and not be definitively connected to the accident. Headaches, neck and shoulder pain, abdominal pain, numbness, PTSD, behavioral changes, and even back pain are often ignored because of how bodies react to trauma, producing adrenaline to cope with injuries.

Unlike its competitors, the company has a straightforward mission: to connect people needing help with trusted professional medical doctors, chiropractors and personal injury attorneys in their local area. This effectively eliminates the need for the general population to spend hours researching, or relying on word of mouth and online reviews.

An importance is put on the customer’s quality of service, so the company uses a complex and thorough vetting process with each doctor and attorney they attach their name to. This provides each patient and client with the assurance of getting the highest level of service possible. They can connect anyone with a top provider in their area immediately in the aftermath of a car wreck.

The company was recently featured on Press Advantage, highlighting their advice with regard to choosing chiropractic care for auto accidents. A representative from The Car Wreck Doctor stated, “We strongly advise anyone who has been in a car or vehicle accident to treat their underlying symptoms as soon as possible to avoid serious chronic conditions in the future.”

Even ‘mild’ pains after a minor accident can result in very serious chronic conditions in the future. Using the six overlooked remedies at home may help cope with the pain, but they are no substitute for proper medical care. “We recommend anyone presenting with symptoms to address any problem right away, and visit a chiropractor for a full body assessment and check-up,” said a company representative.

The American Chiropractic Association (ACA), estimates that approximately 35 million Americans, both kids, and adults, benefit from chiropractic care annually. By taking care of underlying symptoms immediately after an accident, long term chronic conditions may be avoided—which saves the patient from undue emotional impact, physical limitations, and financial burdens in the future.

Facebook is just one of the platforms that the company is active on, along with a Google Business site where visitors can call directly and browse their informative posts. Interested parties may check out the Google Business Site to find out the first steps to take after a car accident, especially when it comes to protecting an individual’s right to physical and financial recovery.

The Car Wreck Doctor’s professional vetting process covers a wide range of criteria, including conducting interviews with previous patients and clients regarding the quality of care they received, online review aggregation, sustainability for doctors and attorneys, performance, transparency, and even comfort.

Professionals who are not able to communicate their compassion, empathy, and expertise to every person that walks through their door are not the type of doctor, chiropractor or attorney that is sought by The Car Wreck Doctor. “We encourage everyone to ask doctors and lawyers registered with The Car Wreck Doctor to ask for references, which helps provide transparency. This helps clients to learn the most they can about the services provided,” said a company representative.

Contact details for Car Wreck Doctor are found on their website, along with their latest news and public announcements. Those interested may also connect with the company through their various social media platforms.

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At Car Wreck Doctor, we have a simple mission, to connect you with professional Medical Doctors, Chiropractors and Personal Injury Attorneys that are trusted in your local area.

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