Couple Makes Igloo Out of Snow, Sleeps in Backyard for a Romantic Date Night with Flameless Tea Lights

March 06, 2019
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The snowstorm on Feb 12, 2019, continued to cause troubles for homeowners and commuters in Vancouver, Canada. However, a Vancouver Island couple sees the snow in a completely different way.

It all started in the idea of snowboarding one cold winter night. But after not getting the speed that they wanted, Paul Lewis and Julie Gervais came up with a different brilliant plan.

At 11 pm, the couple went to Lewis’ mom’s house to grab a few bottles of wine and shovels. They started building the igloo as Lewis shovels and Gervais gets water inside the house, which they used to turn the snow into a solid form.

With the use of a recycling box and some splashes of water, the couple managed to create ice bricks and form a perfect square. Four hours and 100 ice bricks later, the igloo was ready for additional decoration.

Paul and Julie lined the igloo with a few solar patio lights and tealights to set the mood. Then, they added comforters and pillows inside, along with a propane-fueled fireplace beside the igloo to keep them warm throughout the date night.

The news came to the attention of Mike Macdonald, Frux Home, and Yard’s media representative. “I really liked how plain snow turned out to be perfect sanctuary for a date night. The lighting they used shows that tea lights can really get the mood right, no matter the application. Our tea lights can last quite a while indoors and outdoors so we could recommend our tea lights and this idea as a creative and fun date night activity for all,” commented Macdonald.

Lewis and Gervais are quite the creative couple. The former specializes in driftwood beach art and painting, while the latter does photography and soon, painting as well. In the future, they are planning to build a few animals such as dog sled team or a big seal and paint each of them to display their colorful artwork in the yard.

To learn more about Frux Home and Yard’s flameless tea lights On, Mike Macdonald advises buyers to check out their home essentials collection listed on their Amazon storefront.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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