EX-20 Pencil Sharpener Blows Customers Away with its High-Quality and Low-Cost

March 13, 2019
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Electric pencil sharpeners are small products that can impact someone's life, especially those who do a lot of writing or drawing for work and/or school. Although electric sharpeners are useful and require a fraction of the time that manual sharpeners require, some of them only work for certain pencils, and cost a large portion of money to purchase.

When purchasing any product, it is critical to look for reviews from customers who have already bought and used the item, this can provide an idea as to how the product works and whether it is worth the cost. EcoElectronix, for example, is an Amazon based company that has over 200 5-star electric pencil sharpener reviews.

Recently, an EcoElectronix customer reported that both the price and performance of the EX-20 far surpass other brands, “Honestly, I am completely blown away by this sharpener. There seem to be a few different brands of this same sharpener on Amazon and I bought this one because it was the cheapest one that wasn't battery only. I was looking for a new sharpener that worked on colored pencils because the one I had would absolutely destroy them. This one works great on the soft lead of colored pencils!”

With the EX-20 the user can adjust the sharpness which helps get the pencil to the exact precision needed, this feature works on both colored and regular pencils. It also features multiple power options such as AA batteries, AC power adapter, and a USB port for quick and easy artistic sharpening options.

The customer added, “It also works well on the cheap Amazon Basics pencils. I had a box of them but they never would sharpen correctly in my old pencil sharpener so I would always buy the more expensive Ticonderoga pencils. This sharpens the awful Amazon Basic pencils like a pro!”

To make things even more efficient, the EX-20 includes a built-in LED light that indicates when the pencil is completely sharpened, and the motor automatically shuts off when the perfect sharpness is reached this means no over-sharpening, under sharpening or expensive pencils broken.

To purchase the electric pencil sharpener or other product by EcoElectronix, readers can visit Amazon.com where it is available with an all included lifetime warranty. If anything goes wrong with the pencil sharpener, the company will replace it with a brand new one, hassle-free.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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