EcoElectronix Comments on Recent Reviews Stating EX-20 Electric Pencil Sharpener is Used As Home-Work Helper and Motivator

February 26, 2019
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Manual pencil sharpeners take a considerably long amount of time to sharpen pencils, and they require the user to stop what they are doing to use the sharpener. Companies like EcoElectronix have now developed an electric sharpener that works 10x better and faster than a manual pencil sharpener and allows the user to remain focused on their task without taking too much time away from what they are doing.

Both children and adults do better on homework and work more efficiently when they are focused but staying focused can be challenging. For children and adults who have ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), it can sometimes be even more difficult for them to stay focused.

EcoElectronix shares how their EX-20 is helping kids do homework. “If you are doing homework and your pencil breaks, taking a few minutes to pause, look for a pencil sharpener, and sharpen a pencil can cause you to lose your focus and concentration. Once that focus has been broken it can take time to get it back again. It can take even longer when your pencil isn’t sharpened to your desired sharpness, or if the lead breaks causing you to have to start the sharpening process again. This is why we developed the EX-20 electric pencil sharpener that works in seconds and can be programmed to the sharpness of your choosing. It also auto-offs when the sharpness is reached to avoid pencils breaking.”

Customers on Amazon have been blown away by the performance of the sharpener and this is what they are saying. “I was in desperate need for a new sharpener since the old one literally burned out from use. I use it in my retired business and much more important is the fact that my grandsons (8 and 6) need it to do their homework when they visit. I've found this sharpener to be very reliable and very effective. It gives a great point effectively and works fine either with USB or battery. It is small and unobtrusive and takes up little room. I'm very happy to recommend this product to all the 'grandpas' out there helping with homework.”

Another EcoElectronix customer wrote in a 5-star review, “Kid approved. Daughter draws and does homework. Said it’s the best auto sharpener she ever had. She threw out the old one. I used it and was amazed, I’m getting one for the office. Plugs in or batteries. I like batteries to clean up clutter but like the plug for back up.”

The electric pencil sharpener works well for children of all ages as it includes a built-in safety feature that stops the sharpener from working if there are any pieces missing, It is also easily operable with no complicated requirements. If there are any issues with the pencil sharpener, EcoElectronix will replace it completely free of charge as per the lifetime warranty policy included in the purchase.

To purchase the EX-20 kid friendly sharpener, readers can visit where it is available for $22.73 and with free two-day shipping for Prime Members. For any questions regarding the companies products or warranty policy, customers can email support, available 24/7.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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