Teachers Report Using Pencil Erasers For Kids As Learning Incentives

March 13, 2019
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LiveEco, manufacturer of the popular pencil erasers for kids, recently reported an influx of orders from school teachers. The company states that teachers claim that they are using the erasers as learning incentives for their students. The erasers, which are available on Amazon, come in packs of 60, giving teachers plenty of options for their students.

Christina Abels is a representative for LiveEco. Abels says, “We have had several positive reviews on Amazon for these erasers, many from teachers who tell us that they are keeping the erasers on hand to give to their students for making good grades, reaching important milestones, and other incentives.”

Abels says that the design of the erasers is what likely makes children want them. The erasers are designed with 3D emoji faces. Each pack of 60 erasers has 12 different emoji designs. Abels says that the emoji design has become very popular, particularly with children of all ages, and that the design itself is enough to make children want to win one of these erasers at school.

The company released the erasers just a short while ago onto the Amazon marketplace and since that time, Abels states that they have been very popular with teachers as well as parents. Parents report using the erasers for stocking stuffers during the holidays, as well as party favors and general incentives for their own children to get them to complete their chores, do their homework and perform other tasks.

“It’s the teachers that are really putting these erasers to use,” says Abels. “We hear from so many teachers from elementary, middle and even high schools that state that they are offering the erasers as part of their classroom incentive programs, and they tell us that children are really loving them.”

Teachers have long been using incentive programs in the classroom to help children to feel more motivated to learn. Multiple studies have been done on the learning system and all of them conclusively report that using incentives can be a very effective way to motivate children to learn. Incentives can also be used as a means of helping children to learn good behavior practices and in getting them to change their current behavior. Behavior rewards and incentives have also been used successfully in helping children with special needs to learn new behaviors and to be more motivated in their learning processes.

Those who are interested in learning more about using these emoji erasers as incentives or those interested in learning whether this tactic works simply has to visit LiveEco on their Amazon seller’s page and read through the various reviews that have been left by teachers and by parents. Reviewers report that the erasers make very effective incentives and that children love picking out a new emoji each time that they reach a certain milestone. Given that the packages contain 12 of each 5 different types of emojis, Abels says that children have many opportunities to add to their collection and receive a new emoji eraser each time that they receive a reward.

Those who are interested in learning more about the erasers can visit LiveEco on their Amazon seller’s page. Abels states that the company is always happy to answer questions via email or through their Amazon page. Many questions by customers are already posted on the page, along with the various five star reviews from parents and teachers who are currently using the erasers as incentives to help their children to learn. Abels adds that the company is proud to be part of the education system and hopes that children will continue to strive for excellence and that if their emoji erasers can be a part of that, then the company has reached its own goal.

Information about the erasers, including their safety and functionality, can be seen on the Amazon page where they can be ordered. Those interested can visit the page or contact the company directly by email to learn more.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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