Hard Drive Recovery Associates Take A Much Stronger Focus On SSD Drive Recovery

February 26, 2019
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Hard Drive Recovery Associates has announced that they have taken a much stronger focus on solid state drive (SSD) recovery, and have published a new page on their website to focus on this particular need. It should be noted that SSDs have become more popular, and while SSDs are less prone to data loss compared to the conventional hard disk drives (HDDs), SSD failure is still possible as the technology continues to evolve and users experience situations where the operation of the SSD is beyond the usual conditions. Those who want to visit the web page can click here.

Jack Edwards, a spokesperson for Hard Drive Recovery Associates, says, “There was a need to develop new processes in recovering data for these drives, as the technology involved shifted to semiconductor-based storage from the use of magnetic ones (from Platters to effectively RAM chips). These new processes bring about different success rates and are usually costly to perform aside from consuming too much time. Moreover, the Solid State Drive recovery process is a bit more complex due to SSD technology implementations that have a major impact on the success or failure of the data recovery process.”

The new web page focuses on the issue of SSD data recovery. On this page, Hard Drive Recovery Associates want to point out that SSDs can still fail even they are truly state-of-the-art devices. They will then require different techniques compared to those used for HDDs in order to recover data. As a result, the company has shifted a substantial amount of their research and development funds towards the development of affordable and effective data recovery processes that will work on individual SSDs and the drive’s corresponding failure mode.

The task of the research team at Hard Drive Recovery Associates is actually a never ending one because each year, new models of SSDs and HDDs are released by the hundreds as manufacturers continue to make upgrades and changes. There is no other way for the company but to invest a substantial amount of money, time and effort on research and development so that consumers may be able to benefit in being able to recover data that would otherwise have been lost. Consumers further benefit from the faster turnaround time and the higher probability that their data will be recovered.

Oftentimes, the value of data decreases with time, which means there is an inverse relationship between data value and the length of time that the recovery is made. Thus, the shorter the time it takes to recover the data, the more valuable will be the data. What this means is that a fast and affordable way to recover data is actually critical to businesses. If the recovery takes too long, the recovered data may no longer be of any use as it has become outdated.

A common difficulty encountered by Hard Drive Recovery Associates is that consumers often make the assumption that because the newer SSDs are cheaper, data recovery would also be cheaper. Unfortunately, this will require specialized tools, processes and equipment and businesses that offer services at a loss will not be able to survive for long. Thus, another important part of the research being conducted by the company is to find ways to drastically reduce the costs of SSD data recovery, including HDD data recovery.

It should be noted that HDD data recovery has drastically improved through the company’s years of expertise and efficient techniques, allowing them to decrease costs and turnaround times for each completed data recovery. On the other hand, SSD is still a relatively new technology and it is common to have different costs for its recovery and the turnaround time will vary, depending on who is the manufacturer and the metrics that were used for that particular device.

Those who require more information about SSD data recovery and the services offered by Hard Drive Recovery Associates can visit their website or the company's social sites.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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