Dependable Homebuyers is Seeking Offering Seller Financing Opportunities in Newport News, Virginia

February 21, 2019
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Newport News, VA - Following the unprecedented success of buying houses directly from homeowners in Newport News, Virginia, Dependable Homebuyers is now offering seller financing opportunities to those trying to sell their residential properties. The company presently makes cash offers to homeowners and buys their houses outright, in an ‘as-is’ condition. There is no specific criterion pertaining to location or type of house. The company has bought all kinds of houses across the city and beyond. The new seller financing program is available to all homeowners who want to sell their houses.

Dependable Homebuyers is a nationwide company that has disrupted the status quo of realtors and traditional companies dealing in real estate. The old school approach of selling houses is not particularly rewarding for homeowners. Property owners end up paying hefty commissions to real estate agents without being able to expedite the sale. There are property inspections and appraisals. Many homeowners have to spend substantial money on repairs and renovations to make their properties more saleable. All these hurdles are completely eliminated by Dependable Homebuyers in Newport News. The company does not charge any commission. There are no closing costs or service fees. Neither does a homeowner pay anything upfront nor is there any financial obligation throughout the process.

Realtors have already criticized the major initiatives of Dependable Homebuyers and they are going to be further troubled with the new financial service from the company of real estate consultants. As per the new service, homeowners who want to sell their houses in Newport News can opt for installments from the buyer directly. This coexists with the cash offer. Those who want to consider a cash offer can do so. Those who want to explore the option of installment payments can plan their course of action accordingly. The availability of an installment mode of payment enables buyers to avoid taking out a mortgage or a home loan to finance their purpose. Homeowners can use the installment as a source of income and spend the money as they want. This installment facility also empowers homeowners to avoid taking a second mortgage or refinancing. They can cash in on the equity of their property and plan ahead.

Dependable Homebuyers has been aggressively launching new services in the past few months. Not long ago, the company started acquiring hoarder houses in Newport News. Before that they started buying properties facing foreclosure. The company is presently catering to homeowners across the spectrum with distinctly diverse problems. Those who have financial issues and want to modify their loan or get their mortgage refinanced do not always succeed. It is better to prevent a foreclosure and they can sell their properties to Dependable Homebuyers directly. The company is capable of facilitating a short sale in such scenarios.

The new installment system is a great financing opportunity for both sellers and buyers. The service is now available for all homeowners in Newport News, Virginia. It adds to the growing portfolio of services offered by the expert real estate consultants and acquirers of residential property at Dependable Homebuyers.

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Dependable Homebuyers is a local home buying company in Newport News, VA. We buy houses in any condition and any situation. If you want to sell your house fast, give us a call at (757) 296-8067 and we’ll provide you a cash offer within 24 hours.

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