Arrowhead Clinic Announces Two New Office Locations Opened

February 22, 2019
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Arrowhead Clinic in Atlanta, Georgia has announced the opening of two new office locations. The clinic announced recently that they have opened new offices in Bluffton, South Carolina and in Wilmington Island, Georgia.

Johnny Brown, a representative for the clinic says, “We are pleased to be able to announce the opening of our Arrowhead Clinic Bluffton, SC and Wilmington Island, Georgia. These two new office locations will provide clients with the same professional services that we have been providing from our home location, and we hope to build strong relationships with clients in each new office.”

Brown states that the clinic provides chiropractic services for those with illness and injury, and says that their company website will still provide a base for clients to learn more and to schedule their appointments. The website provides a checklist for clients who are scheduling their initial appointments with information about what they need to bring with them, as well as general information about Arrowhead Clinic and the services that they provide.

In general, chiropractors provide services that are designed to adjust the spine’s alignment in order to alleviate pain and provide a higher quality of life. When the spine is out of line, pain can ensue. Brown states that the clinic’s new Arrowhead Clinic Wilmington Island and Bluffton locations will provide these needed services for those who face pain due to illness, spine misalignment or injuries.

Brown states that there are a number of reasons why a client would need chiropractic care. Automobile accidents are the most common reason for the need for these services, but he says that there are a number of other issues that can cause the need for professional care.

Dr. Harry Brown, D.C. founded the Arrowhead Clinic in Atlanta, before branching out to offer additional locations around the state and today, the clinic has more than 15 clinics in various locations around the Southern United States. Dr. Brown states that he and his entire staff are pleased to announce these two latest new locations and he says that they hope to be opening even more clinical offices in the future in an attempt to help even more clients with their pain management needs.

Dr. Brown states that those in these new areas who are in need of chiropractic care can simply contact the office closest to them to schedule an initial consultation. During the consultation, chiropractic professionals will evaluate the client to determine the root cause of their pain and develop a treatment plan to help alleviate that pain, provide a better range of motion and other services as needed.

“We invite those throughout the Southern United States to visit us online to learn more about all of our locations,” Dr. Brown says. “We currently have offices throughout Georgia and Tennessee and now in South Carolina. Our website offers more details about each of these offices, as well as the general services that we provide.”

Dr. Brown works in collaboration with Dr. Turner, who is a native of North Carolina. The two chiropractors have years of experience and state that their offices are staffed with only those who are experienced in chiropractic medicine. Those who are interested in learning more about any of the locations that the clinic currently has open can visit them online. The clinic’s website offers forms and information for patients as well as an overview of all of their services and their service area locations.

Dr. Brown states that he and all of his staff encourage those who deal with chronic or acute pain to visit them online to learn more and to schedule an initial appointment as soon as possible. Those living in these new service areas can now schedule their appointments online through the clinic’s website or contact the new office locations directly by phone or by email to learn more. Dr. Brown did not state whether any additional office locations are being opened in the future, but he did state that the clinic hopes to help as many clients as possible with their needs.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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