Green Bay Charity Seeks Car And Spare Parts Donations For Annual Program

April 11, 2019
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A local charity, based in Green Bay Wisconsin is currently seeking vehicle and spare auto parts donations for their annual summer program.

This program gives students the opportunity to learn how to perform basic inspections on cars, as well as to test and replace batteries, check and change fluids, adjust valves, and troubleshoot general car problems. What began as a simple initiative to offer troubled youths activity alternatives to drugs and alcohol has grown into an exciting elective program. Today, students get the opportunity to work on a souped-up ‘74 Chevy Nova and interact with the local sheriff (who drives the car), as well as with other Wisconsin police officers.

The program began in 1998, when Marion High School donated a stock 1974 Chevy Nova. Throughout the years, students worked on this same Nova, which has since been turned into a race car. These same students have continuously repaired, improved, and increased the vehicle’s speed capabilities until just recently, the Nova finally reached an all time high speed of 127 mph - even faster than some small single-engine airplanes.

This summer program helps give troubled youth a second chance in life. Offered programs enable these students to work on projects that can (and will) provide new skills that can be helpful later in life. They also serve to promote positive relationships with local law enforcers. In addition, the program provides a worthwhile outlet for students, giving them the chance to spend their free time and energy doing something that could turn into a future occupation. “We encourage the local community of Wisconsin and the surrounding areas to support our the program by donating cars and spare parts, including headers, rear slicks, and suspension systems, so that more and more students can learn and practice different car repair and maintenance skills,” said a local spokesperson.

In the past sponsors have already helped in improving the Nova’s racing stats. However, the organization is still looking for additional sponsors to help the program achieve even more. This will be done by continuing to provide the youth with the opportunity to learn something that they’re passionate about in the present, and that could turn into something more for the future, perhaps even a career. “By becoming one of our sponsors, your corporate logo will also appear on the Nova, proudly stating that your organization makes a difference in the community by changing the lives of troubled youth,” the spokesperson said.

Wisconsin car donors have been trusting in local car donations since 1983 and, on average, receive a 48% higher tax deduction when making their donation than they would from the top national car donation charity. 83% of all donations are directly utilized to fund numerous rehabilitation programs for at-risk youth in Wisconsin. Donors only need to submit their information via an online form or they can call the office hotline to make the donation and the organization can and will help to arrange free vehicle pick-up service at the donor’s convenience.

For more than 50 years now, the rehabilitation programs and counseling services have redirected the lives of thousands of young people. These individuals either lived on their residential campus or received services through their outpatient counseling clinics, addressing an immediate need.

One past student of the program, Paul Shellman says that, “as one of the earliest graduates of the first voluntary program, not a day goes by that I don’t remember how grateful I am for the guidance that I received from the institution. My life has changed so drastically between the day I arrived and the day of my departure. I will forever be grateful to all the people behind it.”

Those interested in more information about the car donation green bay process can learn about the organization here:

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About Car Donations Green Bay:

Non-profit organization that focuses on car donations to support at-risk youth and families in need in the Wisconsin area.