Naperville Roofing & Construction Experts Release Advice On Roof Protection During Current Subzero Temperatures

February 13, 2019
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With the subzero temperatures being experienced in Naperville area, Naperville Roofing & Construction, Inc., a professional roofing company in Naperville, Illinois has given home owners tips to protect their roofs. There are a lot of people who are worried about the impact of snow on their roofs and homes in general.

“Most people are afraid of the impact the snow will have on their roofs as it piles. There are inches of snow piling on our roofs as the temperatures remain in the subzero levels. Our company is on standby because it’s getting dangerous to be on a roof with too much snow,” a company’s representative said

Most people calling roofing companies are those that own homes with flat roofs though most homes will be just fine with the current snow fall. Most new homes are engineered to withstand this amount of snow. The problem comes in when the home is older. When the snow gets wetter, it slides off the roof and this is where home owners really need to be careful. The sliding snow can rip off gutters and damage whatever it finds on the ground.

There are places where the sliding snow has damaged cars, which is why home owners are advised to park far from the roof until the snow melts. In matters related to clearing the roof, the experts at Naperville Roofing & Construction have the following tips: It is important to keep the down spout clear especially if the roof is flat. Metal shovels should be avoided, instead, plastic shovels should be used. There should be no salt products on the roof. A broom or a rake with bumpers is ideal for roof clearing. The clearing should start from the bottom towards the top.

According to Naperville Roofing & Construction experts, “It is important to clear your roof to avoid damages but keep in mind that the process can be dangerous. If you are not up to the task, it’s a good idea to hire a professional.”

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