Electric Stapler by EcoElectronix Makes Work a Breeze and Helps Prevent Sore Hands

February 09, 2019
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Manual staplers can cause pain and in severe cases, lead to long term damage, this is why so many people have been switching to electric staplers which help make stapling an easy and pain-free experience. Seth Allen, a family owner of EcoElectronix and the EX-25 electric stapler, shares their goal with the EX-25 electric stapler.

“Traditional, manual staplers can be a real pain. They cause major problems for your hands and wrists— especially when trying to staple large stacks of paper together. With our EcoElectronix high-end stapler, you’ll never have to worry about getting carpal tunnel and arthritis from repetitive stapling. Our premium electric stapler does all the work for you. So you can enjoy a pain-free, fun, and easy stapling experience.”

The EX-25 offers two convenient power options, customers can use the all included AC power adapter or batteries. One of EcoElectronix customers reported that the EX-25 makes their job a breeze, “My wife helps operate a demolition and salvage company and it generates a lot of paperwork that needs to be organized. This EX-25 Automatic Stapler makes the job a breeze in comparison to a handheld manual. The seller sent it out immediately and safely packaged it for shipping. Very happy with the entire experience. Definite 5 stars & 2 thumbs way up!”

Electric staplers are handy for many different professions, some of EcoElectronix customers are teachers, office workers, pharmacists, and self-employed. Readers can view reviews and feedback on Amazon from customers stating how the electric stapler has benefited both them and their job.

EcoElectronix is well known for their customer service and lifetime warranty policy, if the stapler is defective, damaged, or not performing properly, the company will replace it with a brand new EX-25 free of charge and without hassle. One Amazon customer reported having a problem with his stapler and receiving a response from the company within 24 hours.

“I work at a 24-hour pharmacy and we use staplers every day around the clock so I bought 2 for my work. I love how they don’t make a crazy loud sound like some other staplers do. They work well and I love the adjustable depth. I also really love the white color. The staplers are small enough to not take up too much space but big enough to not feel flimsy. After around one month, I’m not sure what happened but both staplers broke. I emailed customer service on Friday and got a very speedy response within 24hrs. Seth immediately mailed me two other staplers and told me to recycle the 2 broken ones. They even did a Sunday delivery and I got it within one day! I received it and now my work has two up and running staplers again. I’m extremely impressed and satisfied with the customer service I received from the company,” the customer said.

The customer added, “I will for sure recommend this stapler to anyone who has to staple stuff every day, buy this as a gift, or purchase as decoration since it would look so great in your home office, etc..”

Every stapler created is made with impact-resistant ABS material and sustainable environment-friendly manufacturing practices. Customers can feel good knowing that when they purchase from EcoElectronix, as a portion of sales are donated to environmental charities such as Rainforest Alliance and Earthjustice.

To read more reviews, shoppers can go to Amazon.com where there is currently over 900 reviews on the EX-25. Customers can also purchase the automatic stapler in black or white for themselves or as a gift for friends for only $39.73.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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