Dependable Homebuyers Seeks Seller Financing Opportunities

February 04, 2019
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Columbia, MD based housing company Dependable Homebuyers is proud to announce a new program to help homeowners sell their homes. Alongside cash offers for buying homes, they now offer homeowners the option of seller financing (owner financing). This is an arrangement in which the seller agrees to accept installment payment directly from the buyer rather than having the buyer obtain a loan from a bank.

Besides expanding their portfolio of options for buying houses (directed at homeowners), Dependable Homebuyers are well-known in the local area for their cash-to-buy services. The owners of the company understand their market, and target properties that they believe have value. Homeowners often come to them looking for a quick cash estimate of their property. After taking a thorough look at the property, they are able to make a cash offer within 24 hours. They can often have the purchase confirmed within a week.

One 5-star reviewer wrote, “Dependable Homebuyers came along at just the perfect time, and solved a problem that was causing a lot of stress and worry for our family.” The review went on to state that the owners were, “great guys,” continuing that, “They’ve been in the business for years, and helped me through the process from start to finish. They are reliable and helpful.”

Over time, Dependable Homebuyers have expanded their portfolio of business opportunities. They recently announced a scheme to expand their business to the Washington DC area, where they quickly became significant competitors to similar businesses in the region. Their geographic extension is not just related to expanding their business to different areas, but increasing the variety of homes they are willing to make a cash offer on.

For instance, they announced on their blog in early 2019 that they would now target the houses of hoarders (a term they call ‘hoarder houses’). As Evan Roberts, owner of Dependable Homebuyers, states, “The living conditions in the hoarder’s home deteriorate quickly and become hazardous to anyone who goes in or around the house. The extreme clutter hinders one’s ability to move freely, compromises the intended use of the premises, and causes mold growth, and various other health issues. When dealing with a hoarder house, it is paramount that you sell the home quickly, before additional damage to the surrounding area as well as the home is done.”

Roberts continued that, “Our portfolio of targeted houses has grown significantly since the company’s inception. However, the addition of owner financing to our business is a significant new step to add new solutions that are not simply cash offers, which gives the customer even more options.”

A spokesperson for the company further explained their new owner financing scheme, saying, “The addition of owner financing to our services adds another layer of great opportunities for a homeowner to sell their home to us if it has considerable equity. Rather than taking out a mortgage, which requires a considerable amount of time, effort, and money, the seller agrees to accept installments of payments from Dependable Homebuyers that could be used for anything—such as a source of income.”

The addition of ‘owner selling’ makes it easy for those looking to sell their homes quickly with minimal red-tape. The company’s standard methods, and their adoption of this new way of buying homes, has faced resistance from competitors who are worried that Dependable Homebuyers’ unique and proven practices could change the status quo. Competing realtors have criticized some of their new methods with some representatives of these competitors feeling resentment towards Dependable Homebuyers.

In a recent press release (found here at, Roberts commented on these feelings, “The way in which the real estate business has operated hasn’t changed in hundreds of years, and as with most industries, there are a few big players who have, dare I say it, become accustomed to the status quo.”

He continued, “However, we relish our role of David to their Goliath and are able to utilize our many strengths to our advantage to ensure our customers get the best possible deal. We have the capacity to be quick and agile, and can make virtually instant sensible decisions, rather than be bound by the bureaucracy that these large companies have to deal with. Our reputation within the industry is clearly growing, and we receive more and more inquiries from interested parties as a result of customer recommendation. We are very proud of this, and it reassures us that we are making the right decisions, and providing our customers with the type of service they desire.”

Those looking to learn more about the company may contact Evan Roberts of Dependable Homebuyers. They can also be reached through the contact details listed on their website, or through their various social media platforms.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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