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Toronto Naturopath Discusses Health Benefits Of Alpha Lipoic Acid

February 11, 2019
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Dr. Amauri Caversan, ND, in Toronto, Ontario recently discussed the benefits of alpha lipoic acid and its benefits to the body. The Toronto Naturopath states that there are a number of benefits of alpha lipoic acid in the body. This fat and water-soluble antioxidant naturally occur in small amounts in the body. Dr. Amauri states that research has shown great benefits when the antioxidant is taken regularly.

“ALA can help cleanse the liver and it may aid in slowing the aging process,” says Dr. Amauri. “These are only a few of the benefits that are currently being highlighted. There are additional benefits, particularly when alpha lipoic acid is taken on a daily basis”.

Dr. Amauri states that alpha lipoic acid helps the body produce energy since it converts blood sugar into energy. It can also aid in eliminating free radicals from the body and prevents damage to cells at the genetic level. Studies highlighting the benefits of alpha lipoic acid have shown that it helps manage blood sugar elevation, liver disease, and peripheral neuropathy.

Toronto Naturopath Practitioner

Dr. Amauri says, “We offer therapies with alpha lipoic acids through our Toronto wellness clinic for a number of conditions. It is helpful as an adjunct cancer support therapy. ALA has been used to help cancer patients experience less of the side effects brought by chemotherapy, such as peripheral neuropathy. Alpha lipoic acid is also being studied as a possible anticancer agent.

Dr. Amauri recommends that patients learn as much as they can about any supplement before using it. He states that those who are interested in learning more about the benefits of alpha lipoic acid and its effects on various diseases and illnesses can schedule an appointment with the naturopath practitioner in Toronto to discuss these and other naturopathic care modalities that may be available.

Dr. Amauri Wellness Centre in Toronto is headed by Dr. Amauri. The centre has other wellness practitioners such as a nurse practitioner, a strength coach, fascial stretch specialist, biosignature practitioner, and a professional coach. An initial consultation will help the wellness team to better determine what treatments are best for each individual person. Those interested can also learn more about this and other therapies offered at the wellness center by visiting them on their official website or by contacting Dr. Amauri Caversan directly.

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