Hard Drive Recovery Associates Announces Special Natural Disaster Data Recovery Pricing For 2019

January 25, 2019
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In light of the dramatic changes in weather and the increased instances of major natural disasters due to climate change, Hard Drive Recovery Associates is offering greatly reduced data recovery prices to disaster victims in 2019.

The 2018 calendar year was a climate disaster in general for Americans, with massive flooding in Puerto Rico, Texas and Louisiana, along with major wild fires throughout the West, including California and Washington. This has resulted in a huge increase in overall data recovery cases that are related to either flooding or fires.

"According to the recent report from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), climate change is here to stay, and may in fact be getting worse," said John Edwards of Hard Drive Recovery Associates. "We saw hundreds more cases of disaster-based hard drive failures and crashes last year, and the patterns the climate scientists are seeing show this isn't going to lessen any time soon."

Hard Drive Recovery Associates plans to offer a 50% discount on all RAID data recovery jobs, as well as any clean room hard drive recovery jobs, including laptop recoveries to people who have experienced issues with fires and flooding throughout 2019.

"Obviously, being in a situation where your life appears to be crumbling around you because of the weather is a horrible spot that few of us ever have to experience," said Edwards. "Then to have to deal with the expense of data recovery when you discover your precious data is gone - well, it's a double whammy that no one should have to deal with."

Hard Drive Recovery Associates has long been a specialist when dealing with water logged or flood affected hard disk drives. Using a fully appointed Class 100 clean room means the company can easily image the data contained on damaged hard drives, and then fully retrieve the critical information.

Fire related hard drive recoveries tend to be far more difficult, however, owing to the fact that fire can actually change the physical characteristics of the drive, often making them all but unrecoverable.

"Certainly, fire related hard drive damage is something that can sometimes be recovered from," said Edwards. "But when the fire has been catastrophic and has actually burned up the hardware, the likelihood of full recovery is lessened dramatically."

Noting Hard Drive Recovery Associates' free evaluation policy, Edwards still recommends that people with any disaster related hard drive crash or failure call the company.

"In the end, having an expert check out your hard drive's condition is always preferable to simply throwing out a hard disk that might be worth saving," said Edwards.

With the advent of cheap online backup services, many computer users are finding ways to avoid the perils of complete data loss. The issue with backups is always their recency. If a user strictly adheres to a weekly backup plan, the likelihood of needing a data recovery service like HDRA are greatly lessened.

"Backups are huge for most computer users and maintaining a consistent backup schedule is something we recommend to all of our customers," said Edwards. "Unfortunately, most customers receive this advice far too late, and are stuck with having to pay for data recovery services."

One piece of advice that Hard Drive Recovery Associates also often provides is that if you live in an area that is prone to near-annual weather disasters, you should definitely ensure that your backup program is in effect and consistent.

With backup external hard drives of 2TB and larger currently selling in a lot of cases for less than $75USD, backing up should be quite easy. What's more, Windows 10 does offer a fairly robust backup system that can be set up to save files automatically.

"Our best tip tends to be that customers with Google Accounts should consider using the Google Drive feature," said Edwards. "There aren't many other places offer 15GB of free backed up on the fastest servers mankind has to offer."

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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