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DHL Mechanical Calgary Announces That They Are Offering IBC Boilers

January 22, 2019
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DHL Mechanical - Calgary Boiler Repairs, based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, has announced that they are now offering IBC boilers for in-floor heating. IBC boilers are wall-mounted condensing boilers that use propane or natural gas as fuel. They offer various brands of boilers and the IBC boilers are the latest brand to be added. These boilers are used for providing unlimited hot water supplies and home heating. They are provided with customized controls to let homeowners and property owners adjust the pressure, temperature, heating rate, and flow rate accurately.

Mark Davie, spokesperson for DHL Mechanical, says, “We are happy to announce that we now offer IBC boilers. These boilers are used to provide uninterrupted hot water to your bathroom, kitchen, living room, and the other utility points in your home. Our expert plumbing works ensure the installation of the best insulated pipes, efficient water routing channels, durable plumbing accessories, and customized control mechanisms. We can suggest the most optimum capacity and type of boiler based on your hot water requirement and budget.”

DHL Mechanical offers various boiler brands, such as IBC, NTI, Super Hot, Lochinvar, LAARS, Viessman, and Well-McLain. All of the boilers provided are fueled by natural gas or propane. These are usually applied for radiant floor heating, using the advanced hydronic mechanism to keep the home warm during the cold months.

The advantages of the systems provided include durable insulation, efficient heating, combination heating, and radiant heating. The heating systems are very efficient because radiant systems are based on the principles of the electromagnetic wave transmission of heat. This means that it is not affected by the medium, which is the air, through which the heat waves are transmitted. The fact that the air is not affected is important because this means that there is no loss due to air circulation. In addition, heat retention in the carpets, upholstery, linen, and wool keeps the room warm for longer periods. Thus, the efficiency of the heating systems provided often exceed 90 percent.

Furthermore, DHL Mechanical offers the best insulation for the radiant heating pipes, room walls, joints, ceiling, windows, doors, etc. in order to keep the losses to almost zero. Also, the combination radiant systems offer several applications for home heating and hot water supplies. The switching systems installed ensure efficient functioning of the system to make sure that there is uninterrupted supply of hot water to showers, heaters, washers, and other appliances, 24 hours a day.

Also, the radiant floor heating systems have the advantage of working on tiles, hardwood, concrete, asphalt, marble floors, carpets, and other kinds of floors, with equal efficiency. The DHL Mechanical boiler professionals can either install the system over an existing floor and construct additional flooring over the pipelines and radiant heating panels, or they can excavate the floor and then install the radiant heating system.

And, of course, a very important service offered by DHL Mechanical is emergency boiler repair. Mark Davie explains, “During cold winter months a home without heat could result in burst pipes that can lead to water damage and other expensive repairs. This is why the boiler experts at DHL Mechanical provide emergency boiler repair services throughout Calgary Alberta. We’ve been working in Western Canada for over 30 years and when we receive an emergency boiler repair service call we know that one of our neighbours needs assistance. If you’re currently experiencing a situation that requires emergency boiler repair services don't hesitate to call us.”

DHL Mechanical is a family-owned business that started offering its services in 1996 in which time they have developed the reputation of being the best plumbing service in Calgary. Since then, they have expanded their services such that people in Calgary had come to depend on them when it comes to ventilation, heating, plumbing design, HVAC installation, repair and more. The areas they serve include Chestermere, Strathmore, Cochrane, Airdrie, Bragg Creek, Okotoks, and High River. Those who would like to inquire about a particular service area of who would like to schedule a consultation can visit their website or contact them by phone.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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