New Research Reveals Why Hair Gets Frizzy And How Anti Frizz Products For Curly Hair Work

July 08, 2015
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LuxeOrganix, a health and beauty company in Mesa, AZ, has just released new information regarding research on the causes of frizz in people with curly hair. Those who have curly hair know how difficult it can be to tame those manes and keep them looking soft, no matter how hard they try. LuxeOrganix hopes that this information will teach people how to prevent further frizz from happening and how to get rid of the frizz that is already there.

Besides the obvious culprits of frizzy hair caused by damage through chemical treatments and dyes, the results from the research strongly showed the link between health and nutrition, and the condition of the hair. Food and nutrition and the oils contained within the hair strands have now been found to be directly related to how much frizz is found in the hair. Essentially, those who experience frizz lack essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals and, perhaps most importantly, protein. And not only can these deficiencies cause frizz, but they can also cause premature graying.

What the research also demonstrated was that people with curly hair are particularly prone to frizz. This is why even those who have a healthy diet can still end up with frizzy hair because they actually need more nutrients in their diet to deal with their hair. As such, those who want to have beautiful locks must start by addressing what goes on both inside and outside of the body.

LuxeOrganix found that certain products help to address hair that has already gone frizzy. One of the most important issues is to use hair cleansing and styling products that do not contain any harsh chemicals, such as sulfates, which strip the hair of its natural oils. Furthermore, they found that argan oil in particular was very beneficial in addressing existing frizz, as it replenishes the much needed moisture in frizzy hair and has healing properties to restore hair and treat split ends. Additionally, it naturally contains Vitamin E, which promotes healthy hair growth as it contains antioxidants, resulting in softened, defined curls.

The shampoo and conditioner developed by LuxeOrganix that serves as an anti frizz for curly hair provides just the right balance of healthy oils, including argan oil. Indeed, those who have used it have already commented on its efficacy. One consumer stated, "After the very first washing I noticed a difference in my naturally curling hair. My curls were softer and shinier and less frizzy. My hair feels fuller and is much more manageable. I have been using the shampoo and conditioner for a week now and can't imagine ever going back to any other shampoo or conditioner brand."

In an effort to extend their reach to consumers with specific frizzy hair issues, LuxeOrganix has teamed up with, whom is fulfilling orders from their multiple distribution centers around the U.S. This agreement with Amazon makes shipping fast and free for LuxeOrganix customers.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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