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Dr. Amauri Wellness Centre Introduces New Wellness Practitioner

January 24, 2019
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A Toronto, Ontario based naturopathic center has announced a new addition to their team of wellness practitioners. The center recently announced that Heather Clause has joined them and will be providing a wide range of services including fascial stretch, structural balance, and overall optimal hormone health.

Dr. Amauri states that the center is pleased to bring Heather onboard and states that she offers a number of services that will help people to enjoy a more total wellness type lifestyle.

“Heather is a wonderful asset to our team,” says Dr. Amauri. “She brings with her many years of experience and will be able to assist our clients with a number of issues from fat loss to hormonal health.”

Heather Clause New Wellness Practitioner in Dr. Amauri Wellness Centre

Heather Clause is a certified PICP L2 strength coach with more than 16 years of experience. Dr. Amauri states that she is one of the very few specialists in the world who are certified for L3 fascial stretch. She joins the team at the Dr. Amauri Wellness Centre as a strength coach, biosignature practitioner and fascial stretch specialist.

Heather specializes in training clients for strength, balance and weight loss and teaches them to embrace the strength that they already possess and become the very best version of themselves. She can educate clients on supplementation as well as nutrition and how these factors can help clients to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

“She has worked with a wide range of diversified clientele,” says Dr. Amauri. “Her past clients include children, general consumers and several professional athletes who were members of the NFL and Olympic teams. We are pleased that she has decided to join our team and we are excited to introduce her to our clients and to see where this journey leads us.”

Heather has educated clients on nutrition as well as various ways of reaching a higher range of motion. She offers education to clients on how to eliminate or reduce pain and increase their total performance through a number of means. Heather says that in her spare time, she enjoys practicing Brazilian Jujitsu and continuing her education so that she can offer a wider range of services to her clients.

Heather holds a number of certifications including those from the Poliquin Strength Institute, The Fit Institute and Preston Greene University of Florida. Her certifications include FAT Tool, Biosignature Modulation, advanced strength training and neurotransmitters and a number of others.

He states that those who are interested in learning more about Heather and her list of qualifications, certifications or offered services can do so on the center’s official website. Those interested in learning more about naturopathic services can visit the center’s website for more information, as well. Interested clients can also use the website to contact the center directly or to schedule an initial consultation to speak with Dr. Amauri or his team and learn more about the treatments that they offer and their benefits.

The Dr. Amauri Wellness Centre is located in Toronto and offers a wide range of naturopathic therapies. Dr. Amauri states that their current list of services includes IV therapies and naturopathic cancer support. He states that those who are interested in learning more about these can visit the center’s resource page, where information can be found about the benefits of this type of care modality as well as answers to a number of questions that clients typically have when they opt for naturopathic therapies. The site has a blog where interested consumers can learn more about each of the therapy types that the center offers.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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