Top-Ranked Plastic Surgeon Behind Honolulu Breast Implants

January 22, 2019
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Ranked among the best doctors in both hand and plastic surgery, Dr. Randy Wong is leading the way in the Honolulu plastic surgery world. Once elected the Director of Microsurgery and and Replantation services at Penn State University Hospital, Dr. Wong opened his practice, Honolulu Plastic Surgery, in one of the biggest plastic-surgery meccas in the state.

Many of his talents come from studying under some of the best reconstructive surgeons the world has to offer, but Dr. Wong also owes part of his success to the amount of time and thought he puts into each operation. This involves having multiple consultations with patients to fully understand what they want, and completely planning out which techniques need to be utilised to lead to safer, more successful, procedures. This in-depth planning period is crucial as it helps the doctor plan for individual patient factors and navigate their procedures without error. Dr. Wong’s biggest concerns are his patient’s health and satisfaction, and this is evident in the way he runs his practice. To learn more about Honolulu Plastic Surgery and Dr. Wong, visit his website at

The techniques that Dr. Wong use are modern, and always evolving alongside plastic surgery field itself. Depending on what the patient wants, what kind of recovery time works best for their lifestyle, and other individual factors that are unique to every patient, the doctor will decide how best to carry out their wishes. The highly flexible nature of his practice is what made him and his procedures so successful. The plastic surgery world is relatively new and is always changing due to new techniques being perfected at a high rate. Being able to quickly learn about, and master, these new techniques means that Dr. Wong’s patients always benefit from top-of-the-line care.

The doctor’s methods greatly reduce a patient’s pain post-operation, their recovery time, overall time spent at his facility, and any potential scarring. “Dr. Wong is amazing. He strives to do what is best for the patient on every level. His unique surgical techniques are a step above the rest,” said past patient Shayla V. “After my surgery, I had such little pain that I only needed regular Tylenol for a few days. I can easily recommend him and his staff to anyone.”

One of Dr. Wong’s most useful techniques isn’t very mainstream, however. The doctor attributes his famously steady hands, which allow him to flawlessly operate on the smallest of areas, to his mastery of Aikido breathing techniques. These breathing exercises are often used by martial artists as a way to reduce stress, and enhance focus and aerobic ability. While he doesn’t use martial arts in the operating room, Dr. Wong benefits from these breathing techniques by having complete control over his hand movements and applying his intense focus to the task at hand.

Honolulu Plastic Surgery is proud to offer a wide range of services. For those looking to decrease the appearance of wrinkles caused by the sun or the aging process, Dr. Wong offers a facial rejuvenation service that utilises facelifts and fillers, as well as laser resurfacing for hyperpigmentation. Fat injections are also available to patients who wish to further reduce the appearance of wrinkles alongside the added benefit of removing fat from other parts of the body.

Tummy tucks and liposuction are both popular procedures that many of Dr. Wong’s patients elect for. These operations remove loose skin and help patients lose weight in an easy and fail-proof way. Finally, patients can also get blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), as well as Honolulu breast implants, and so on. Visit the Honolulu Plastic Surgery website for more information on the services offered.

Along with the information available on their main website, Dr. Wong and his practice have a Facebook page that contains even more resources for potential, current, and recovering patients. Visitors to the site can read original and shared posts to gain a lot of useful advice, such as how to take care of their operation site during recovery, when postoperative patients should go back to doing their regular activities, the benefits and drawbacks of certain procedures, advances in current plastic surgeries and medical techniques, and much more. Dr. Wong’s Facebook page makes it evident that he cares about his patients and wants them to be educated, both about their bodies and the plastic surgery field.

To learn more about Dr. Wong, his practice, and peruse other important resources, visit his main website or his Facebook page. Visitors to both can easily access the center’s address, driving directions, and a contact form that can be filled out with any questions a potential customer might have. The Honolulu Plastic Surgery Center is happy to answer any inquires in person, over the phone, or through their contact form.

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