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Roofer 911 Announces YouTube Channel With Useful Tips For Homeowners

January 14, 2019
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Roofer 911, a roof repair company based in McLean, VA, has announced that they now have a YouTube channel that contains videos full of useful content and tips for homeowners with regards to the repair and maintenance of their roofs. Some of the topics of the videos found in the channel are the source of a ridge vent and chimney leak in a home in Alexandria, VA, an incorrectly installed roof flashing in Fairfax, VA, why a roof in Herndon, VA, needs replacement, and locating the source of a bump-out window leak in Springfield, VA. The YouTube channel of Roofer 911 can be accessed at

Useful Roofing Tips for Homeowners

Steven Briesemeister, owner of Roofer 911, says, “The videos we have posted on YouTube provide glimpses of the kind of work that we do and show how important it is to have a roof that is free from leaks. Now, for those who need a roofing contractor in Northern Virginia, Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Prince William or Fauquier County, getting the most out of your roofing repair starts with hiring an experienced roofing company for the job. While some roofing companies might be able to repair roofs cheaply, they might not have the experience to repair correctly to ensure a permanent fix.”

Roof repair is one of their primary services. They now have several decades of experience in repairing roofs along with the use of infrared technology to detect leaks. Using a highly sensitive infrared camera, they can locate leaks, whether these are on the roof, windows or gutters. In addition to roof repair, they can also provide drywall replacement services. They are able to conduct a moisture test to determine if the drywall and insulation have to be removed and replaced to prevent mold development.

As can be seen from the YouTube videos, many roof leaks are not so obvious, with many of them hidden. For instance, it should be noted that when the homeowner says there is a roof leak in a certain location, it does not necessarily mean that the problem can be found there. Since water has the tendency to seek its level, a leak can occur on the top of the roof and then water could run down the interior of the structure, with the homeowner unaware of it, until it reveals itself as a puddle on the floor. This is the reason why the trained crew members from Roofer 911 use handheld infrared scanning devices to locate hidden moisture damages that are often found under roofing materials. For those who want to know the location of the Roofer 911 office, they can visit their Google Maps page at

Meanwhile, a leak that seemingly comes from the roof may not actually originate from the roof but it can be from window or siding leaks. Strong winds can blow water inside a damaged siding and this can appear like a roof leak. Missing, slipping, cracking or peeling siding when allowed to deteriorate in the home’s exterior walls can result in severe structural damages. Incorrectly installed and sealed windows can also be the source of a leak.

Furthermore, if the gutter system has not been cleaned during the last six months, it could be the cause of roof leaks in the future. Roofer 911 crews have noted that many emergency roof leaks have been found to be caused by leaf debris that has accumulated in the gutter system. This debris clogs the gutter and water ends up going behind the siding of the home.

Roofer 911 has 44 years of roofing experience, whether it is roof repair or roof replacement. They are also able to provide other services such as infrared roof leak detection, siding repair, and infrared heat loss detection. Being based in McLean, VA, they are able to serve homeowners and property owners in Loudoun County, Fairfax County, Faquier County, Prince William County, and Washington, DC. They have highly trained crew members who are ready to help homeowners and property owners when they have a problem with their roof.

Those who require one of the services offered by Roofer 911 can visit their company website at or contact them by phone.

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