Pharmacists Choose EX-25 Electric Stapler by EcoElectronix for their Stapling Needs

January 08, 2019
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EcoElectronix is a popular, family-owned company that provides high-quality and affordable Office supplies. The company has a wide range of customers differing in both age and professions. One of EcoElectronix top selling products is the EX-25 electric stapler which is a popular choice for pharmacists and teachers.

Many pharmacists have reported in Amazon reviews the benefits that the EX-25 stapler provides. On March 13th an EcoElectronix customer wrote, “As a retail pharmacist I have to generally use my stapler at least 300 times a day on a slow day. This thing is amazing even stapling horrendous med guides that are 6-10 pages. Had an issue with my first one not being operable on battery power alone, contacted the company and they sent a replacement no hassle.”

EcoElectronix offers a lifetime warranty on all of their office supplies, and they will guarantee a free replacement without hassle if there is an issue with the product. If for any reason the product is defective, broken, or the customer isn’t satisfied, the company will send a new replacement.

The customer then listed the reasons why they love the EX-25 and compared it to the Bostitch electric stapler. “1. I love the size of this stapler, it's not clunky and takes barely any room. 2. It doesn't make a loud sound which other electronic staplers do (big clunky Bostich), which can be annoying and deafening if you can imagine using 300+ plus time a day. 3. I can switch between power and plug-in mode which is useful as some pharmacies I float (think substitute teacher) around don't have a plug in near the pharmacist station.”

EcoElectronix Customer and pharmacy owner Phan also wrote an Amazon review after being so impressed with the stapler and purchasing a second one. “Wow, what an amazing product with even better customer service. I bought this product for my work over a year ago, and it made our work so much easier. We are a pharmacy and we went through so many staplers over the years, and this product is by far best we have had. I firmly believe this is the best stapler out there with great customer service and lifetime warranty by the owner. I highly recommend this product.”

To view more 5-star reviews from satisfied customers, readers can visit where they can also purchase the EX-25 in black or white or browse other unique office supplies. The electric stapler is available for $39.73 and includes free shipping.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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