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Hydreight Announces Benefits Of Mobile IV Hydration Service

January 22, 2019
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Hydreight in Las Vegas, Nevada, recently discussed the benefits of their mobile IV therapy service. A representative for the company says that while other IV services require clients to travel to their offices, often clear across the city, the mobile service comes to them, saving them time and the aggravation of the travel.

Shane Madden, a representative for the company says, “IV therapy itself offers a wide range of benefits. The way we do it, by traveling to our clients wherever they are, it offers an even greater benefit. We bring our mobile IV to homes, offices, gyms, or wherever our clients want to meet us, making it convenient for them to reap the benefits that this type of therapy offers.”

Madden says that the company offers even more convenience to their clients when it comes to scheduling their sessions. He says that the company has a smartphone app that clients can use to call in the service. Mobile IV services provide solutions to those who are not getting enough hydration and electrolytes. Madden says that their service is great for anyone who has been working out rigorously, been out drinking and perhaps is experiencing a hangover, or anyone who simply wants to give their bodies a boost of energy.

“With our convenient mobile service for intravenous therapies, it is easy for clients to look and feel their very best, even with the busiest of schedules,” says Madden. “And we only use medical professionals such as nurses or paramedics to deliver these therapies. Clients are perfectly safe and can enjoy the best possible experience, all in the comfort of their own home or office.”

Madden says to get started, clients simply download the handy app and then fill out a short questionnaire about their general health. He states that IV therapy provides a wide range of health benefits including hydration, that can help clients to re-energize for long days or otherwise feel better. He states that dehydration can happen quickly, particularly in warmer regions such as the desert in Las Vegas. Working out, working long days and not eating and drinking enough water and even warding off certain illnesses like the common cold or the flu.

Madden states that while there are a number of facilities that will provide clients with nutritional IV's for health, the Las Vegas company offers a better solution by adding a mobile feature to their services. Clients do not have to schedule an appointment with another facility, drive to that facility and often wait in line for their therapy. In addition, many facilities will not schedule therapy on the same day as the appointment is made. Madden states that their company not only travels to clients to offer them the benefits of IV therapy but also does so within about half an hour of when the client schedules the appointment.

Studies have shown that there are a number of benefits of receiving IV fluids. IVs are used to treat a number of disorders and diseases in those with a wide range of medical issues. When fluids are introduced directly into the blood as opposed to orally or by other means, they work much faster. IV therapy involves administering solutions directly into the veins so those fluids reach the bloodstream instantly. IV therapy can help to correct electrolyte and fluid balance in the body that could cause dehydration, fatigue and a number of other ailments.

The company recommends that clients speak to a physician prior to scheduling their IV therapy session. Those who are currently under a physician’s care for serious medical conditions will want to get the approval of their doctor before undergoing this type of therapy. Madden states that those who can tolerate it will find it easy to schedule their appointment by using the company’s smartphone app. The company also offers easy payment processes. This and other information can be seen on the company’s official website.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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