Chicago Website Design SEO Company Announces Release of Fake Number App

January 10, 2019
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Jack Lombardi of Chicago Website Design SEO Company is happy to announce the launch of a new fake number program - Dollar Digits app. This program is a smartphone application that allows the user to make calls while concealing their identity and their personal information. This app can be used to call numbers that the user might be unfamiliar with.

When approached about this announcement, Jack Lombardi shared this comment, “Fake number apps are increasingly important to the safety and security of smartphone users. A company that intends to trick you when you call them can pull a scary amount of information just from your phone number. They will then use this information to manipulate you into believing their pitch. We will always recommend using a fake number app in order to protect your identity when calling an unknown number, even if they called you first.”

Companies based overseas have been popping up left and right with the sole purpose of tricking smartphone users into revealing their identity or paying money to fix a problem they don’t actually have. For example, some company employees will call and leave an enticing message that the user has won a trip or cruise vacation. The user will call back and now that company has the users first name, last name, and location. They will use this information to manipulate the user into feeling confident that the company pitch is true - and that the user should believe them because they “already” had the user’s personal information “on file.”

Rebecca Jameson downloaded Dollar Digits and used it to call back a number she didn’t recognize that she had missed a call from. This was the experience she shared, “I didn’t know the number, so I thought about calling them back to find out what they wanted. Then I remembered reading about these computer programs that can steal your information when you call them, so I used the Dollar Digits fake number app to call them back instead. It was clear within minutes that they were a fake company trying to steal my information. I was very glad I hadn’t called from my real number.”

Dollar Digits app appeared in Digital Journal, explaining the many benefits to using a fake number application. Some users felt it was preferential to use a fake number when giving their information to a potential date from a dating app or even to use for Uber and Lyft. Dollar Digits users suggested it was a great app to use for anyone that is hesitant about giving their number to a stranger or even someone they have only known for a short time.

Hannah Thomas used Dollar Digits after a harrowing experience. This was the 5-star review she shared, “I had been stalked by someone I barely knew before. So, I was nervous to give out my number to anyone, really. I used the Dollar Digits app in order to protect myself and my identity until I was ready to share it with someone I knew really well. I started using it for all of my interactions with strangers and one day, one of my new friends started getting upset about me not responding to them quick enough. They started threatening me, but they didn’t know where I lived or worked, so I wasn’t too worried about it. Then they messaged me non-stop and it was impossible to use my phone uninterrupted. With Dollar Digits, I was able to quickly cancel my temporary number and get a new one. Still so grateful for this app!”

Another reason for smartphone users to use a fake number app is to protect their identity from strangers when they are selling a product online. While many sellers are happy to use their primary number for their business, some sellers would prefer to have a separate number for both professionalism and privacy. Many online sellers have experienced questionable transactions - a fake number app will provide security during those transactions.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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