Teachers Are Using Emoji Erasers By LiveEco For Classroom Rewards

January 11, 2019
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LiveEco has revealed with pride that teachers have been using their emoji erasers as classroom rewards to promote productivity and positive behavior in their students. These emoji erasers come in packs of 60, with 12 different types of emojis. The company also wants to point out that these erasers, just like their other products, are of high quality and are environment friendly, being made from recycled materials and ensured to contain no toxic materials.

LiveEco spokesperson Christina Abels says, “We’re so happy to have found that teachers have been using the emoji erasers as a reward for their students to motivate them to be positive and encourage them to be productive. Here at LiveEco, we are passionate about bringing fun and excitement to children. Most of us are afraid to fail, and so we get stuck in our comfort zone, which can limit our learning and our unlimited potential. We would love for your children to feel comfortable trying new things, and to make mistakes and learn from them. This is what these emoji erasers can teach the children.”

Being comfortable in making mistakes is an important skill in life. Ironically, the traditional education system has a tendency to discourage children from making mistakes because the more correct answers are made by a student the higher the grade that is given. Teachers can make use of the erasers as an opportunity to teach their students that they should not be afraid to make mistakes. Because if they do make a mistake, they can go back and correct them, just like when they are writing something and they make a mistake. They can simply use an eraser to make the necessary corrections. Furthermore, the emoji erasers with human faces printed on them can serve like personal supporters of the children, encouraging to learn from their mistakes and then correcting them.

The fact that teachers love using these emoji erasers as a way to motivate their students is demonstrated by teachers posting positive reviews on Amazon. For instance, one teacher gave the erasers five stars and said, “These were bigger than I thought, which is nice. My students love them. Its the first eraser they grab when choosing from the eraser prize bin.” Another teacher also gave the erasers five stars and said, “My students love these erasers and they’re better quality than most erasers of this kind.” A third teacher who also gave the erasers five stars said, “These erasers were a hit for open house night at our school. I used these for a small gift that was sitting on my students’ desks as they entered the classroom. Colors on the erasers were vibrant, too!”

Many teachers and parents have given highly positive reviews for the erasers on the Amazon page. As shown in their comments, they understand the importance of these erasers for children, which basically means that they need not be afraid to make a mistake because this can easily be erased and corrected. It is their belief that such is an attitude that they can use later on when they have grown into adults, making it easier for them to face the various challenges that life can throw their way. Not being afraid to make mistakes, they will not remain in their comfort zone but instead are ready to face any problems that will emerge.

LiveEco is a company that is focused on sustainability and giving back in its products and its manufacturing processes. Every day they strive to have the lowest carbon footprint and make use only those manufacturing practices that are sustainable. At present, part of these efforts include using recyclable metal and plastic in their products; partnering with Carbonfun.org to make sure that their shipping processes are carbon-neutral; donating a portion of their sales to environmental charities such as Rainforest Alliance and Earth Justice, and ensuring that their manufacturing facilities do not violate any environmental laws.

Those who need more information about the different LiveEco products, and about using the emoji erasers as rewards for students, can go to the company website or contact them via telephone.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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LiveEco is a small family business that works towards sustainable manufacturing practices including carbon neutral shipping and donating to environmental charities. We're raising the standards to help change the way consumer products impact our planet.

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