Bakersfield Tree Pros Expands Tree Service in Visalia CA

January 07, 2019
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Bakersfield, CA based Bakersfield Tree Pros LLC would like to announce that it has extended its professional services to the Visalia, CA area from January 01, 2019. This includes trimming, tree and branch removal, stump grinding, emergency tree removal service, and lot cleanup services. “We are very pleased to add Visalia to the growing number of communities we service – visitors can call or message us directly from the new website,” said Amy Lopez of Bakersfield Tree Pros LLC.

Trees are a favorite in California landscaping, helping reduce wind speeds and cool the air, as well as cleaning the air by absorbing odors and pollutant gases. However, problems occur when they are not properly maintained, become diseased, or die. Dead trees can become a health risk as they are easily infested by pests, which then look for other wood nearby. They may infest healthy trees or wood sources within a home or commercial property. Proper tree removal for dead or dying trees is critical, as these trees could come down in a storm and pose a risk to property or vehicles.

Bakersfield Tree Pros LLC now provides professional arborist and tree services for both residential and commercial properties in the Visalia area, and communities in the Bakersfield, California area. Bakersfield Tree Pros LLC utilise the latest equipment, and their workers are expert arborists who can remove trees from both residential and commercial properties. Lopez clarified that, “Our workers are bonded and licensed so they are able to do this work.”

Bakersfield Tree Pros LLC recommends periodic trimming. Use a professional when removing trees, as they may be near potential hazards such as power lines, which can be quite dangerous. “Bakersfield Tree Pros LLC has both the experience and experts to deal with tree trimming or removal, no matter how dangerous it may be—even those near power lines,” stated Lopez.

Often, a tree may look healthy to the untrained eye, while the inside has rotted and become hollow and weak; this could cause major issues during a heavy storm of rain, wind, or snow. Removing trees is a big job. Homeowners often find that they need to call in a specialist to remove stumps even if they have managed to cut down the tree. Bakersfield Tree Pros LLC provides a full service—from grinding the stump down, ensuring it is gone so there will not be a trip hazard or an impediment to mowing, and cleaning up the lot. Removing stumps has the added benefit of removing bugs that no property owner would want near their home or business structure, such as termites and other pests which could create more problems later.

When a property owner needs to clear a lot for building, it can seem a bit overwhelming, especially if there are large trees or a number of trees. Bakersfield Tree Pros LLC have the correct size saws and equipment to take down such trees and then grind the leftover stumps to leave the lot clean and clear, ready for building or planting.

Bakersfield Tree Pros LLC will provide a free quote for any tree service, including tree removal, tree trimming, stump removal, lot clearing, emergency removal and bough removal. Many homeowners have the best of intentions and plan to undertake normal maintenance like pruning themselves, but never get around to it until it becomes an issue. Regular tree trimming is essential to avoid problems which can get out of hand. “Storms can do major damage, like bringing a tree partially or completely down, or breaking branches. If it is a partial downing or the branches are down on a building, a fence, a structure, or road in the community, the property owner may not be able to handle it alone. This is especially true of any downed or partially downed tree at night, as it is extremely unsafe to attempt tree or branch removal in the dark, or without extra hands to help. At that point, it is best to call a tree service like Bakersfield Tree Pros LLC,” said Lopez.

For further information, contact Amy Lopez, Bakersfield Tree Pros LLC, Bakersfield, CA. Visitors can call directly or use the contact details from their website at

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Bakersfield Tree Pros LLC provides professional tree services including: tree trimming, tree and branch removal, stump grinding grinding, emergency tree removal service, and lot cleanup service. Call or text us today at (661) 426-2376.

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