Ventura Valley Tree Service Now Serving In Ojai, CA

January 07, 2019
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Ventura Valley Tree Service LLC, a tree services company serving out of Ventura, California, is proud to announce that their services are now available in a new area: Ojai, CA. The company provides professional tree services, including but not limited to: trimming, tree and branch removal, stump grinding, emergency tree removal, and cleanup. They began serving in and around Ojai on the 1st of January, 2019.

Jane Bennett, a representative for Ventura Valley said that, “We’ve been providing our services to the Ventura area for a good while now, and this is part of the natural growth of the company. While many people don’t consider or even know about it, there are a number of risks associated with not maintaining your trees. We’re expanding our services to the Ojai area to contribute to the community there and provide our services to anyone who has need of an arborist.”

Bennett also elaborated on the services the company provides, saying, “We specialize in everything related to tree maintenance. Tree removal, stump removal, tree trimming, tree care – everything. We are not just an ordinary provider, we are a team of trained and professional arborists. An arborist—you may know the term ‘tree surgeon’—is someone who takes care of trees and makes sure that they are healthy and safe. We have studied all kinds of trees and deal with them everyday. We understand trees. Not only can we remove and trim trees, we can also help your trees stay healthy and live longer. You can’t just plant a tree and expect it to sprout out and grow without any issues.”

Manny Delgado, a former client of the company said, “We like to maintain a nice backyard behind our house. Recently, I don’t whether it was due to the weather or something else, but our trees were looking a little shabby. We needed to fix that, so we contacted Ventura Valley. They sent a couple of guys over who took a look at the problem and provided us with a free estimate. We agreed and the work was done over the next week. Now, the trees are looking much ‘happier’, as my wife would say. As to what I say, my wife’s happy, the trees are nice to look at, the service was excellent, and the people were good. If you want tree maintenance done in your yard, these guys are who you want.”

On the need for tree maintenance and arborist services, Bennett said, “You need to be aware of your immediate surroundings. Servicing your tree is a very important thing. A diseased or dead tree in your front lawn could come crashing down at any moment or your trees roots could be penetrating your house’s very foundation. You may be exposing yourself, your family, your neighbours and even your property to a number of risks. There are also practical issues. A fallen tree lying around on your property takes space, it could very well be blocking your driveway, for example. Fallen, dead, or rotten branches can also litter your property. Taking care of these things are better left to the experts.”

Jonathan Hyde, a resident of Ventura and client of Ventura Valley Tree Services shared his experience with the company. “Generally, I like to take care of this thing myself,” he said. “I’m no expert, but I grew up outdoors and know my way around. This time, however, the dying tree in my front yard was not something I could tackle by myself. I contacted the people at Ventura Valley and they came over the next day. They provided an estimate, and once we agreed and shook on it, they got to work right away. It took about three days, but the tree was carefully removed and everything was cleaned up. They provide a stellar tree service.”

In addition to their practical services, Ventura Valley Tree Services LLC also have a website with a blog providing helpful facts about trees and general maintenance advice. Backed by years of experience in the industry, they also provide exceptional customer service. Anyone in the Ventura area, and the Ojai area in 2019, who is in need of maintenance of any kind for their trees should not hesitate to reach out to Ventura Valley Tree Services LLC.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About Ventura Valley Tree Service LLC:

Ventura Valley Tree Service LLC provides professional tree services including: tree trimming, tree and branch removal, stump grinding grinding, emergency tree removal service, and lot cleanup service. Call or text us today at (805) 856-6920.

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