Mesa Integrative Medical and Healing Facility Receives Testimonial from Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Patient

January 07, 2019
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An alternative cancer treatment center in Mesa, Arizona has received a testimonial from a former patient of theirs. This treatment facility calls itself ‘An Oasis of Healing’. It’s a facility that claims they try several different natural healing methods when helping to restore people's health. Many of the patients that come seeking treatments from them have been given little or no hope that when more conventional forms of medicine will do anything for them. Although there is never any guarantee that holistic medical treatments will work for oneself, it does give their patients another avenue to go down when trying to beat their illnesses such as cancer.

This Mesa, Arizona cancer treatment facility first opened its doors in 2006. They claim to incorporate cancer healing and treatment knowledge that was gained from places all over the world such as the USA, Japan, and Mexico. Each patient they serve has a holistic treatment healing plan that is specifically designed to meet their own individual needs. There is no one size fits all philosophy to their approach to cancer treatment therapy.

Clothilde Canale, a spokesperson for the company, talked about why they believe so much in treating patients with a holistic medical approach; she says, “Cancer is a tough illness for anyone to deal with because of its unpredictability. No two people respond to treatments the same way and no two people experience the same amount of discomfort during their treatments. Many times conventional cancer treatments leave a patient feeling worse than their fight with cancer does. Our cancer treatments use a natural approach to comfort and healing. While they also do not work the same for everyone, they tend not to have the adverse effects on patients that conventional treatments do. This is a big benefit for someone who chooses a holistic approach to their medical treatment.”

The patient testimonial that was received by them came from a person who goes by the name of Jaime B. Several years ago she was diagnosed with a form of cancer called adenoid cystic carcinoma. Her traditional medical doctors gave her little hope of recovery and they also were skeptical they could provide her with much comfort as she battled her illness.

Jaime B described how she eventually wound up at An Oasis of Healing; she said, “I started doing research on natural medicine and some natural healing. I also started doing juicing and changed my diet pretty radically. I made sure I was exercising and doing saunas too. This helped me feel better and was the encouragement that I needed to take the next step and seek out some alternative healing methods. That’s how I found An Oasis of Healing.”

In the testimonial, Jaime B. went on to talk about her time spent at the wellness center; she stated, “I liked the fact that when I got to An Oasis of Healing I felt there was a whole team of people behind me encouraging me to get better. I really liked the ‘nutrition-forward’ approach they used during the treatments too. My time at their integrative medical and healing facility has left me prepared and empowered to continue this life journey at home. I am incredibly grateful to how those on the staff treated me and made me feel like I was no longer a lost cause.”

In her testimonial, Jaime B added that her holistic medical treatments had given her some things that her standard medical treatments could not. The most important of those is they gave her hope. She wrote about how "hope" was something she received very little of before coming to An Oasis of Healing treatment center. In her testimonial, Jamie also stated that she was taught the proper diet to eat not only while treating her cancer but for the rest of her life and was grateful to take this knowledge home with her.

An Oasis of Healing integrative medical and healing facility is located at 210 N Center St #102 in Mesa, Arizona. They offer adjunct and intravenous therapies as part of the holistic treatment for cancer for the patients that visit them. For more information on the services, they offer Clothilde Canale can be reached at (480) 834-5414 or by email at [email protected]

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About An Oasis of Healing:

An Oasis of Healing is an integrative healing center that specializes in alternative cancer treatment utilizing intravenous treatments that target cancer and enhance the immune system.

Contact An Oasis of Healing:

Clothilde Canale
An Oasis of Healing
210 N Center St #102
Mesa, AZ 85201


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