LiveEco Announces Cool, New School Supplies For Kids

January 08, 2019
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Christina Abels of LiveEco is happy to announce their new line of school supplies that are designed for children. For over 20 years, LiveEco has been serving the needs of parents and teachers who search for unique ways to engage their children and students. They are now offering their unique bulk-order products on multiple platforms, including Amazon.

When approached about this announcement, Christina Abels shared this comment, “We just want our parents and teachers to be able to find affordable products that their kids will enjoy. Our newest product, Emoji Erasers, is packaged in bulk orders of 60 and 120 because we know that erasers go missing or simply get used up quickly. We also encourage teachers to get creative with the 12 unique Emojis by perhaps connecting them with a reward system.”

One teacher in Albuquerque, Texas that has used LiveEco cool school supplies for years mentioned that she took Christina’s advice about using them as part of a reward system. She found that students were eager to collect them all and would trade erasers with each other in order to get closer to that goal. She stated that she loved the impact it had on her students being friendly toward one another.

The 60-pack Emoji erasers can also be used in other ways - such as party favors for child birthday parties. The erasers themselves are fairly large - bigger than a quarter - so they will actually take up a decent amount of space in a gift bag. Since the Emoji is a well-known culture, these erasers are suitable for kids of all ages.

R Stahl, an Amazon user, left this 5-star review about his purchase of the Emoji erasers, “These Emoji erasers were a big hit for my granddaughters' (ages 7 and 8) birthday parties. They are very cute and actually erase very well. The packaging was perfect and there was a wonderful assortment. I am saving some for my grandson's birthday party as well. I put them in goody bags with some gel pens and regular but pretty pencils.”

While these emoji erasers can be dispensed in many ways, they are designed to making learning fun. There are twelve different popular Emoji faces that every student will recognize. If the student has the complete set, they can even choose the eraser that best fits their mood.

The erasers themselves are bright yellow, just like the iconic Emojis. They are one inch in diameter, making them easy to grip and use. Even if they are simply used in the classroom as on-hand school supplies, the students will be happy to have a fun and interesting product available for use.

Margie Duncan recently bought these erasers as a part of her philanthropy lifestyle. Here is the experience she shared, “The emoji erasers arrived quickly and they looked like what was represented online. I appreciated the compact packaging, as well, since I bought them to go in a package I was sending to my host family in Namibia. I was a Peace Corps Volunteer there from 2010 to 2012 and I have kept in touch with my host family. One of the children in my family - a now 15-year-old boy - asked me to send him some things he could sell for an Entrepreneurship Day at the school where I worked as a Small Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Development volunteer. I know these erasers will be a big hit.

LiveEco's primary focus is providing school supplies for kids. They aim to give children a fun environment in order to foster retention while learning. DebR, an Amazon shopper, bought these erasers and shared her review of their quality and reception, “These are actually awesome. A hair bigger than a quarter. Even nicer than I expected. Sharp image edges, funny faces. The 12 year olds love them, though I got them for a high school class. I expect the teenagers to love them too. Heck, I love them and I'm an adult.”

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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