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Mobile IV Solutions's YouTube Channel Launched

December 27, 2018
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Hydreight an IV therapy company, has announced the launch of their YouTube channel. The said video channel is designed to educate the IV industry and people regarding their mobile service for IV therapy. Through this service, an IV therapy specialist can go to the home, office or hotel of the person who requires IV therapy. According to Hydreight, this can help refresh a person after performing strenuous activities, hydrate muscles, or help flush out toxins from the body.

Shane Madden, spokesperson for Hydreight, says, “People who suffer from debilitating migraines or for those who had a few too many last night, Hydreight is your answer. For those who are suffering from fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome, we can help. We have IV infusion therapy for the conditions above and more. People who are looking for more energy or just wanting to feel better are already taking advantage of this quick and easy pick me up.”

Hydreight's YouTube channel contains several videos, which are mostly designed to provide information regarding the uses and advantages of IV therapy. These include videos about IV vitamin therapy, IV hydration therapy, the advantages of IV vitamin infusion therapy, and how people can start an IV therapy business.

So far, those who have tried the IV therapy service have had positive things to say about it. For instance, Jimmy B. gave them five stars and said, “I saw some posts on Facebook talking about how there was a service called Hydreight where a nurse comes to you and administers an IV. I decided to try it for myself and I'm glad I did. They have different IV's for what may be ailing you. I went for more energy and boy did it deliver. I could really feel the difference. I'm an athlete and I can see this helping me recover after tough workouts and events that I enter. The best part is I can book an appointment that works for my schedule and they come to me. Highly recommended!”

Meanwhile, Hydreight has also released a mobile app that allows users to see the IV specialists that are available in their local area. The app also shows how far these specialists are from the user in real time. What this means is that the Hydreight mobile service is now in the palm of the user’s hands. Shane Madden points out that their IV specialists are all skilled professionals who are always ready to provide the IV therapy service at a moment’s notice.

Shane adds that for those who want to use the IV drips as a preventative measure, they can schedule out their sessions right there on the mobile app for a number of weeks into the future. Thus, they would be able to avoid colds or the flu during the winter months with regular IV drip sessions.

There are four basic types of IV service being offered. One is called the Fountain of Youth, which is designed to manage how a person ages through vitamin infusion. It is composed of 500 ml saline solution, minerals, ascorbic acid, B complex, and glutathione. It is designed to replenish the body with nutrients and reduce the visible signs of aging. It is also designed to rehydrate the skin after too much sun exposure, thus avoiding wrinkles. And it can also eliminate toxins from the body.

Another type of service is known as Rise and Shine, which is designed to let the person get over a hangover in less than an hour. This is made up of 1000 ml of saline solution, B complex vitamins, minerals, and anti-nausea solution. This allows a person to avoid headaches and dizziness after a long night with little to no sleep. It also hydrates the brain and other organs so a person can function completely without putting undue strain on the body. It also provides a person with energy to be able to bounce back and be productive, aside from making a person alert and ready for daily tasks.

The other two are known as The Executive and the Liquilift. Those who need more information about the Hydreight mobile IV service can visit the company website or call them by phone.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About Hydreight:

Hydreight is a mobile IV therapy solution that rehydrates and revitalizes the body using IV hydration therapy and IV vitamin therapy from our iv drip menu.

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