Rocket Plumbing Announces Hydro Jetting Plumbing Service In Los Angeles And Santa Monica

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California based Rocket Plumbing has recently purchased a Mongoose 123 Hydro Jet to expand their drain cleaning services in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and the surrounding areas.

Most local companies in California only offer plumbing solutions such as snaking and rootering, this is where they use a specially designed wire to punch a hole in the blockage. Those procedures might solve the clogging temporarily, but it will not be able to fully clear out the obstruction inside the pipe. Therefore, there is still a very high probability that the drain clogging will reoccur. Meanwhile, Rocket Plumbing is one of the very few companies in the area who is offering Hydro Jetting Plumbing services. Their new Mongoose 123 Hydro Jet uses a 27 horsepower, twin electric start engine, and highly pressurized water at 3000 pounds per square inch, it can easily break down and push all of the clogged materials toward the sewer lines.

“If your pipes have only been rootered or snaked in the past, there’s good news. That’s no longer cutting edge technology, the new Hydro Jet solution is much more effective at clearing even the toughest of clogs,” says Brian McMahon, proprietor of Rocket Plumbing.

Plumbing experts offer some useful tips and advice to homeowners on how to properly manage pipes and prevent them from clogging.

Regular cleaning of the drain is a simple yet a very effective step in maintaining a fully-functioning plumbing system. By flushing drains with hot tap water, or boiling water at least once a week, the pipelines will “open up” and any grease/material build-up will be prevented. Also, people should look for any sign of mold infestation and eradicate that as quickly as possible. They should scrub off molds with a drain brush and baking soda, and then use hot water mixed with vinegar to flush them away thoroughly.

Secondly, hair build-up in a bathroom drain is not an easy problem to solve, but it can easily be prevented. People should consider buying a drain strainer with a smaller mesh from the nearest local hardware store, and regularly dispose of the accumulated hair in it. In cases where the hair build-up already becomes unmanageable, it’s about time to hire a professional plumber to fully remove the blockage.

Normally, flushing of hot or boiling water is an effective pipe unclogging method, but if it isn’t working out anymore, there could already be a deeper underlying problem with the plumbing system. In this case, the client should immediately bring this up with a plumbing expert for them to identify and properly address the problem. Those who are looking for a company that offers Hydro Jetting Plumbing Service in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas may consider Rocket Plumbing California. They advise not to use any chemical-based cleaners, as they might add to the blockage, or worse, it might even cause further damage by pipe corrosion.

Lastly, proper food waste disposal is the key to prevent drains from getting blocked out. It is recommended to not dispose of even small amounts of used oil, or food leftovers in the drain, as these tend to clump together and get easily stuck in the pipes. In conclusion, regular cleaning and proper maintenance helps to prevent all the common types of drain blockages.

Homeowners who are looking for Los Angeles Drain Cleaning services may consider Rocket Plumbing California for all their plumbing needs.

Anton S. in Santa Monica, one of their many satisfied clients, said, "Excellent company! Very fast and responsive. I had tried snakeing my main line several times but still kept having issues. I decided to try hydro jetting - which has resolved my issue! Great company with friendly people who show up when they say they will! Will definitely use again."

More information about Rocket Plumbing’s wide range of services can be found on their website. Interested parties may also connect with them through their official social media accounts to know more about their latest updates and important announcements.

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