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Property Firm Releases Three Must Know Bali Property Investment Insights

January 07, 2019
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The property investment experts at Bali Nirmana Property have released information related to purchasing property in Bali. The firm states that those who reside outside of Indonesia and wish to invest in Bali property typically want to enlist the services of a savvy strategist to help minimize potential rookie errors and optimize business opportunity profits. The team at the firm are dedicated to helping their offshore investors to save time, money and effort.

Patrick Clancy, a real estate agent with the firm says, “It is crucial for one to do their homework before purchasing property in any foreign country. This newest post gives information that is vital for anyone who is planning to invest in Bali property. It explains what to look for and what to avoid when investing and how to ensure that the investment will pay off in the end.”

Clancy says that investing in the Bali market is much different than in other countries and states that there are many processes that must be satisfied before the investment can be completed. He states that it will take an experienced agent to help ensure that the investor does not lose money when making such a purchase and says that Bali Nirmana Property has the experience needed to help protect those investments and get investors a good return for their money. He says that those who would like more can contact the firm at their main office to speak with an experienced agent.

Past clients rave about the assistance that they have received from the property firm. Clancy says that their clients trust them to help protect their investment and that is exactly what the firm does. “We would never let a client invest in something that was a bad idea. The problem is that most people have no idea how to invest, particularly in property that is located in a foreign land. Our goal is to help you to choose the best property for your needs and to ensure that you get the best price and the best return on your initial investment.”

Clancy states that they work on an individual basis with their clients, ensuring that each need is met. He states that investments should always be done on a personalized basis and says that the same investment is not the right choice for all investors. He and his team talk to investors, getting to know them and helping to ensure that the property they purchase is perfect for their individual portfolio.

Clancy says that it is important for foreign investors to understand that the rules in Bali are much different than in many other countries. He states that some villages are zoned only for residential use. While some do allow for tourism, not all do. He says that investing in a residential area and then attempting to turn that investment into a commercial money maker is risky and could cause the investor to lose money and that not all agencies are fully aware of these restrictions. The firm states that investors need someone who is familiar with these zoning restrictions and someone that can help them to avoid fines and other issues that may arise if they attempt a commercial land investment in a residential area. He says that it is also important to note that only citizens of Indonesia can legally own land in Bali so it is important for investors to work with a firm that fully understands the restrictions on how investments can be made in that country.

Clancy says that the new post gives insights into how investors can better prepare for their Bali property investments. He states that anyone who is considering investing in land in Bali can contact the firm to learn more about how they can help them to better protect that investment. Regulations in the country can be difficult for foreigners to understand. Clancy states that those interested can visit his firm online or contact them directly to learn more.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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