FTL Offering Solutions For Americans Facing High Debt Over The Holidays

December 14, 2018
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FTL, a financial aid company based in California, has been offering assistance to the residents of Los Angeles, California and beyond for about 20 years. With the holidays coming up, the company wants it known that they are willing and able to provide any necessary financial aid for the people who need it, whether it is because of a shortage of cash in hand or high debt.

When reached out to about their services, a representative for the company said, “Money is a big issue for people in these days. Today’s economy isn’t exactly forgiving and everyone faces problems at one point or another. Now, the holidays are coming up and it’s the season when you’re going to need a little bit of cash. At FTL, we have taken that into account and have a variety of financial assistance plans and programs. It’s the season for giving and we just want to do our best to give to our community in the best way we can.”

The company, FTL, understands that the holiday season is a source of stress for many people. In addition to making ends meet, there is a need for celebration and gifts and extra money is always useful to provide an ideal holiday experience for friends and family and spread that seasonal cheer. The company’s website has also recently undergone a redesign to better serve their clients. The process for applying for and receiving financial aid, with a three step process – apply online, provide documents, receive aid.

Jonathan Hitchens, a client of FTL, shared his experience with FTL saying, “I got myself into a tight spot recently and was in a really bad place, financially. I didn’t know what to do. That was until I came across FTL and reached out to them, hoping I’d be able to get some kind of assistance. The process was simple, almost too simple and I was worried. But I didn’t need to be because I was approved for way more than I thought possible. They explained everything to me and made sure I understood it all. These guys are great and now I know who to reach out to if I am ever in trouble in the future.”

The representative of the financial services company also said, “People don’t make the decision to be in trouble, as you well know. Stuff just happens and they find that they are in hot water. We want to make sure that you don’t have to be stuck in that situation. Right now, even moreso. People deserve to have a good holiday, good celebrations with the ones they love.”

FTL proudly proclaims that there are no upfront or hidden fees involved in the process, a common fear with many financial assistance firms. The company also has over 300+ locations around the California area and beyond, with friendly and knowledgeable staff to guide any clients. In addition, they also have access to multiple funding sources to get their clients the money they need and decades of experience helping people.

The company also knows that there are people who might have worries about their previous financial history which may hold them back from getting the help they need. The company’s representative said, “Of course people might have had financial trouble in the past too. But you don’t have to worry about your financial history when you apply with us, because we work with people of all credit types. We are not going to discriminate, especially not during the holiday season. People need cheer. Of course, you can learn more ways to make some money, but there are times when you need to reach out for someone like us to get some money quick and we’re here when you need to do that.”

Jane Ellwood said of FTL, “A while back, I needed some money to help my parents who were in a bit of financial trouble. My past credit isn’t exactly perfect, so I was worried and apprehensive when I reached out to FTL. Didn’t know why I worried, because they did all they could to help me. I can’t say thanks enough for making it possible for me to help my parents.”

FTL’s website has more details, including contact information, their locations and testimonials. It also has a very easy to use online application process to apply for financial assistance. In addition to FTL’s own website, those interested, can find more info about the company on the Press Advantage site.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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