Water Heaters Now! – Water Heater Installation Experts Create Web Page Celebrating Bloomington

December 18, 2018
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Water Heaters Now!, a water heater installation company based in the Twin City metropolitan area, has been updating its website with pages celebrating all the various cities it serves. The firm is proud to announce that it now has pages dedicated to the wonderful city of Bloomington, MN.

The company, founded and run by master plumber Raymond Snesrud, has been serving the entire Twin City metro area and also South of the Metro Area, including Minneapolis, St Paul, Blaine, Maple Grove and more in addition to Bloomington. Asked about Bloomington and the web pages dedicated to it, Raymond said, “Bloomington is beautiful place. There’s so many things to do, so many attractions and the life here is just… amazing. There’s the Mall of America, obviously, but it’s more than that. It’s the people. It’s community. It’s the nature. Of course we had to celebrate it.”

There are four pages celebrating Bloomington in addition to a central hub detailing the company’s services in Bloomington. One of the pages is dedicated to the Mall of America, easily recognizable as Bloomington’s primary attraction. The biggest and possibly the most famous shopping mall in the United States since it’s opening in 1992, the Mall of America is a place of shopping and entertainment. The web page goes into detail about the Mall, its attractions and its history.

There is also a web page dedicated to the Bloomington Center for the Arts facility, the focal point for the visual and performing arts, not only for the residents of the area but also the surrounding communities. In addition, there are pages allocated to the Minnesota Valley Wildlife Center and Wildlife Refuge and the Hyland Park Reserve. The former, established in 1976, is a habitat for a great number of waterfowls, fish, and other wildlife species that are being threatened by commercial development that also aims to provide environmental education to residents and visitors. The Hyland Park Reserve is a great spot for outdoor activities, with a stretch of 18 miles of trails. The Reserve provides lots of activities during both summer and winter, and is a key part of the life of the areas’ residents. The Water Heaters Now! website goes into great detail about all these highlights of Bloomington, celebrating the wonder community. For further reading, the pages can all be found in the main Bloomington MN page in the company’s website.

Water Heaters Now! is unlike other plumbing companies in that it is focused only on water heaters, installation and repairs. Asked about his company’s specialized service, Ray Snesrud said, “I’ve been plumbing in the twin cities for over 10 years now and it wasn’t until some five years ago that I realized, I could do a better service for the community by focusing on one thing and becoming the best at it. I’ve noticed, in my time as a plumber, there’s hundreds of companies doing plumbing and repairs of all kinds – but no company really stood out. Once I had the realization, I figured I’d pick what I was already the best at – water heater installation and repair – and perfect that. That’s what I’ve been doing since and now, Water Heaters Now! are the leading experts in what we do.”

The company’s customers seem to be in agreement with Snesrud. Amy Townsend, a local resident had nothing but praise for the company and it’s services. She said, “In two words: absolutely awesome. It was, what, Friday afternoon, 2:30 pm and my basement was covered in water. I called them, and they had a technician just finishing their last job of the day. They said that they would come and assess and they were confident that whatever needed to be done could be done today. I was skeptical, but that is exactly what happened. By 5:30, I had a new hot water heater with new copper piping and all. I would highly recommend their services, and their name is well suited.”

More information about Water Heaters Now!’s Water Heater Installation service area can be found in the company’s website. The website also has testimonials from satisfied customers and details as to how Water Heaters Now! can be contacted for their services or just to get a quote.

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