Lawmakers Unlikely to Sponsor Intel's Self-Serving Federal Privacy Bill, Says Augusto Beato

December 11, 2018
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Portland SEO's Augusto Beato feels that it is highly improbable for any lawmaker to sponsor Intel's federal privacy draft bill to avoid being put in the bad light due to its controversial provisions.

"These Silicon-Valley-based companies are trying to wiggle out of reach from the California privacy law that is set to come into force in 2020," said Beato. "They perceived that law as unnecessarily strict and wanted to be overridden by federal law, but the public is well aware of this scheme. “

The controversial provisions that Beato was referring to are the “safe harbor” for companies, enabling them to avoid any civil actions as the result of a data breach and a portion that does not require companies to inform customers about data leaks. He termed these provisions as "self-serving."

Typical state-level privacy law requires notification within 30, 45 or 60 days. And the much stricter European General Data Protection Regulation requires companies to notify victims within 72 hours to protect consumers.

The "safe harbor" provision is the part of the legislation that caught the attention of data privacy advocates because it would essentially protect tech firms like Facebook and Google from fines.
Companies would only lose this “safe harbor” exclusion if they repeatedly allow data breaches to occur on their watch.

"Intel is an unlikely candidate to be proposing privacy legislation since it is a business and does not collect any personal information itself," said Beato. "But data collectors like Facebook and Google, are among the top buyers of its lucrative computer server chips."

Beato noted that it is imperative for the country to have a national data privacy law so that organizations could focus compliance efforts on one unified law.

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